Behind Every Entrepreneur Is An Annoying Little Sister

The other day I read a press release about a new confectionery range, zollipops, that are apparently sweets that are good for your teeth and all I could think was “what a load of rubbish”. Of course you can get sugar free sweets that aren’t necessarily bad for your teeth but that is not the same as declaring them good for your teeth. So, true to character, I obviously had to investigate this further before I outed them for making a ridiculous claim which I suspected would result in me being called pedantic and so the argument would begin.

So research first then call them out.

I emailed over and asked a few questions and was sent some samples to try. I googled the company and read all the information I could find on their website and what I discovered shocked me.

It all started with a young girl, Alina, who basically got fed up of being told she couldn’t eat all the lollipops, (we’ve all been there), so she asked her dad why they couldn’t just invent some tasty lollies that would be good for teeth. Oh the simplicity of a child’s thought process hey. Except, unlike most dads this one actually went “sure thing honey” or words to that effect and they developed lollies that actually DO HAVE BENEFITS TO THE TEETH and so Zollipops was born.

I can’t actually believe it but it turns out these lollies are made from erythritol and xylitol, neither of which I can pronounce but both of which have been shown to improve oral health and I’ll leave it to the experts to explain how

“After a meal or sugary snack, our mouths can become very acidic. This acidic environment gives little cavity monsters just what they need to run around spreading tooth decay and weakening/softening tooth enamel. You may have heard it’s not good to brush immediately after a meal; that’s because the enamel is soft due to acidity.

The ingredients in Zollipops, Zolli Drops, and Zaffi Taffy work naturally with our bodies to help reduce the acidity and balance the pH in our mouths. Take the ZP Challenge to see for yourself. By reducing acidity, we can help take away the power from those little cavity monsters! Better still, teeth can re-mineralize faster, making them stronger and harder. In fact, many people have shared that after enjoying one of our treats, their teeth feel smooth and clean again.”

So after being impressed by my findings the boys and I tried the lollies and there is absolutely no difference between these and the fruit flavoured, sugar filled, lollies they usually choose, these are just as tasty but guilt free. I was also sent a packet of the Zolli drops to try which are mint flavoured and, in my opinion, more adult friendly but still have all the benefits of the zolli pops.

However this is where I think it gets really funny. So far the story is all about Alina and her bright idea. If you look at the website she is clearly the poster girl for the company and it is obvious she works hard to promote these products and on a few pictures you even spot her rather cute assistant, who it turns out is her baby sister, Lola, who is  credited with developing the name zollipops due a mispronunciation. However, if you note the third sweet treat, Zaffi Taffy, which dare I say it, is the tastiest out of the three, the back of this pack actually credits Lola with asking the question “why cant we make sweets that are good for you?” and so the product was born.

Hmmmm, Lola, I’m not sure how you managed to take credit for that one but well played.

It’s clear even budding entrepreneurs have annoying kid sisters that like to copy everything they do too.

Either way, the zollipops products are a hit with us, they taste great and are full of flavour and the fact I don’t have to feel guilty about letting the boys have them is even better.

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