Thanks to Lady Lush

In a world where we love to complain, where as a nation we are quick to criticise and as people we love nothing more than having a good whinge I thought it was about time that I stopped to recognise a genuine act of kindness.

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Last week my family and I went on a trip to Manchester and on our way back to the car with two very tired boys I spotted a Lush shop and chanced taking them in whilst dreaming of a peaceful child free bath (ha). As I am sure you are all aware the Lush shop is a stimulation over load for most people but for children it’s like a sweet shop on steroids, overgrown colourful balls begging you to touch them, multi coloured d bottles with lids open daring you to sniff them and numerous boxes piled high waiting to be opened by tiny fingers!

I was trying to look at the bath bombs whilst simultaneously keeping both children from eating or destroying the displays in what I could only imagine would resemble a rainbow explosion, when a member of staff came over. I braced myself for the usual rudeness and child glaring and prepared myself to steer both boys out of the store and settle for a bath with Thomas the tank bubbles but I was pleasantly surprised, in fact I was completely shocked.

The lady starting speaking to my boys and explained about the bath bombs and asked them to choose one, oh nice sales pitch I thought! But no, instead she took their chosen glitter bomb, placed a bowl of water on the floor and kept them thoroughly entertained whilst I looked at the displays and made my purchases. Not once did she judge my harassed, running out of patience, parenting skills or my over excited, into everything that sparkles boys and for this I just want to say THANKYOU.

You have single handily restored my faith in humanity.

P.S I managed to have a lush bath child free even if it was at 9:30pm