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Trying to ensure you have the right mix of vitamins, minerals and supplements in your diet can be tricky and of course nothing beats a healthy balanced diet but even with regular fruit and veg you can still find yourself lacking. Over the years I have tried many different supplements, usually in tablet form, but for the past couple of weeks I have been using a new brand, Wassen, which come in a powder form that you add to your water. Below is everything you need to know about the Wassen supplements, including my own personal review and your chance to win a set of 3.

What is Wassen?

Wassen is the best way to mineralise your water. They have created easy to use sachets for specific times of the day that are full of the vitamins and premium botanicals that you need to function at your best. These powders can be added to water and drank on the go, they get to work fast so you can get on with your day knowing your water is boosted with nutritional support.

There are three different nutritional packs to choose from and you can take all three or just select the one you feel will benefit ou the most.

Hydrate + Replenish

Hydrate + Replenish is designed to be taken in the morning to help you start the day. It has a tangy green apple flavour and is formulated with spirulina and green tea extract and contains 100% of your regular daily intake of vitamin D. This simple morning drink can help to support immune health through a combination of selenium and Vitamin C, electrolyte balance from magnesium and metabolism from zinc and chromium. It’s the perfect choice for sports lover and those that just need a kick start in the morning.

Energy + Cognition

If you find that you tend to fade around mid-day then the Energy + Cognition is the one for you. This blood orange flavoured powder will mineralise your water with cinnamon, green tea extract and maca extract. It is designed to help reduce tiredness and fatigue thanks to magnesium, support cognitive function with zinc and iodine and blood sugar level control from chromium, making it the perfect pick me up for the afternoon rush.

Relax + Unwind

Wassen Relax + Unwind is the one for you if you need help relaxing at the end of a busy day. It has a lovely black cherry taste and is the perfect addition to your bedtime routine. It contains a hint of camomile to help you relax and it also supports the nervous system with iodine and copper, psychological function from magnesium and provides optimal relaxation with lemon balm.

Review of Wassen

I have been using all three of these supplements, morning, noon and night and have found that I really like this new routine. For me adding supplement to water and drinking it at my leisure is much more preferable than taking tablets or downing drinks. I have been adding mine to 500ml of water in my water bottle and if nothing else this has meant that for the last couple of weeks my water consumption has vastly improved.

I have found all three flavours really tasty and easy to drink. My favourite is the morning hydrate + replenish which tastes like apples. I generally have this as I am getting ready in the morning or on the days when I am working from home I wait till I have dropped the kids off and enjoy it as I check my emails and write my to do list, I really feel it sets me up the day.

I normally have the Energy + Cognition Wassen with my lunch, it tastes like blood orange and again is nice, however it does have a bit of a dry after taste/feeling to it but nothing long lasting.

The Relax + Unwind tastes like black cherry and it reminds me of childhood sweets, although I am not 100% sure which ones. Again, it is full of flavour and easy to drink and I really do feel like it helps me relax in the evenings.

New to the Wassen family

Since reviewing the Wassen mineralising powders they have been in touch and told me about their newest addition, Beauty+Collagen and very kindly sent me a box to try. The Wassen Beauty+Collagen works in the same way as their other powders in that you simply add it to your water, give it a good shake and drink as normal. These sachets are raspberry and lemon flavour which is really nice and refreshing and very easy to drink so a great way to take your collagen. They contain not only collagen but also Vitamin A and Biotin to support skin health and also Zinc and Selenium for your hair and nails too. As far as a beauty supplement goes this one is an allrounder, perfect for travelling, and so easy to take. A great addition to the Wassen family.

To get your hands on some of these enter our below competition. If you can’t wait to see if you are our winner then head to the Wassen website and order yours today.

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