Pill free supplements by BetterYou and Madeleine Shaw

I think once you hit your thirties you start to take more care for yourself. If you haven’t already then you start to take your skincare routine more seriously, increase the exercise, watch your diet and add in some supplements for good measure too, or at least that’s what I did. But in regards to supplements I was never too sure what to take so took a mixture  of different vitamins all in tablet form, so much so that sometimes I felt like I would rattle if I fell over and as someone that doesn’t love taking tablets at the best of time this always but me off and meant that I would be very hit and miss with taking them. When I heard about the pill free supplements from BetterYou I was excited to try them and have now been using them for a month.

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What are the pill free supplements from BetterYou?

BetterYou, a company that I adore, recently teamed up with the incredible nutritional therapist, best-selling cookery
writer, chef and mother, Madeleine Shaw, to develop a range of pill free supplements in the form of oral sprays with women in mind. Together they developed  four separate sprays;

Conception Oral Spray is a specially formulated blend of seven essential nutrients that work together to support
fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy. These can be used by those that are hoping for a natural conception or are going through the process of IVF.
The great-tasting, natural pomegranate, and raspberry flavoured spray delivers scientifically substantiated levels
of vitamin D3, folic acid, iron, zinc, selenium, thiamine, and iodine. Offering expert nutritional support when trying for a baby, this pill-free supplement contributes to normal fertility and cell production, supports maternal tissue
growth and immune health.

Pregnancy Oral Spray supports the growing nutrient and energy demands experienced during pregnancy.
With mum’s in mind, the great-tasting, natural peppermint flavoured spray has been carefully created with an anti-nausea formulation to optimise overall wellbeing.
Containing six key nutrients to support mother and baby, including folic acid, iodine, and iron, in addition to vitamins D3, K2 and B12, this innovative oral spray contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue by stimulating natural energy production, whilst supporting maternal tissue growth and normal function of the immune system.

Children’s Health Oral Spray offers a convenient and effective way to support the evolving dietary needs of toddlers to teens. It contains seven key nutrients including vitamins A, B12, C, D and K2, folic acid, and iodine.
Designed to support areas such as bone development, energy requirements and cognition/attention span, the
pill-free supplement has a great-tasting, natural raspberry flavour that little ones will love – for a fuss-free addition
to your daily routine.

Hair, Skin & Nails Oral Spray – a Madeleine Shaw signature product, to help ‘get your glow back’.
Tailored support for healthy hair, skin and nails – so you can look and feel your best – the natural orange, peach
and mango flavoured spray has an expert blend of six beauty-boosting nutrients including vitamin C, zinc and
selenium, as well as biotin, iodine and pantothenic acid.


Our review of the oral sprays

I have been trying out the hair, skin and nails spray whilst the boys have been using the Children’s health oral spray. Our verdict is unanimous on the fact they taste great, sweet, fruity and simply delicious. This makes taking them so much easier than trying to take great big pills or wrestling with the boys to take supplements that they don’t like the taste of. These sprays are so quick to use, just 4 sprays each, great for busy families.

From a parents point of view knowing there will be no arguments about taking mediation makes it so much  better but I also love how it contains so much in just 4 sprays (vitamins A, B12, C, D and K2, folic acid, and iodine). Knowing they are starting the day off with this means I don’t need to worry about them taking any additional vitamins.

Since taking the hair and nails oral spray I have definitely seen a big improvement in the length and strength of my nails which I am really pleased with. I can’t say I have seen much change in my hair but then it is already very thick and grows quick naturally so I am not sure what difference I would see but I am really impressed with my nails and also think my skin has started to look a bit brighter too.


If you are looking at adding supplements to yours or your children’s daily routine then I would highly recommend these pill free oral spray from BetterYou. If these particular ones do not cover everything you want then I also recommend you check out their full range of inter-oral sprays, which are equally as brilliant. I have been using the Vitamin D one for sometime now and can confirm it is just as tasty and easy to take as the Hair and nails one.