The Happiest Countries To Consider Living In

Many of us travel lovers are constantly finding new countries that make us happy. And just like everyone, we seek happiness. And although many argue that happiness is within us, no matter where we are, there are other beliefs that happiness is also a matter of geography. And evidently, some countries are happier than others and here you can read about those that are deemed the happiest countries to consider living in. But before you do, take a minute to think about which countries make you he happiest. If you could live anywhere where would it be? Singapore? Utah the Uh? And see if any of your happy countries make the below list.

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But what makes a country happy? And how do you measure happiness in the first place? What is best for you? What makes you want to move away? Is it because of your spouse? Do you want to move to them? You may want to look at a spouse visa extension for example. 



So what are we looking for? High personal security is also a characteristic of many of the approved countries. And there are many other factors that cannot be measured, such as nature and landscapes. It is known that going out into nature expands the heart, and really – all the countries that star in prominent places in the happiness ratings boast particularly beautiful landscapes. A sense of social cohesion, trust in the environment and knowing who to trust also contributes to the feeling of happiness. When we travel, we can usually get the vibe that we like.



Switzerland has been blessed with a combination of breathtaking nature and landscapes along with a culture that sanctifies meticulousness, efficiency and attention to the smallest details. This combination seems to be a good recipe for happiness. Switzerland is regularly ranked in the top ten of the happiest countries in the world, and it is also considered a synonym for perfection and a problem-free place. The crime rate in Switzerland is low, and Swiss efficiency means that everything in this country is well managed and functions perfectly. Also, the Swiss eat a lot of chocolate, which is known to release serotonin that contributes to improving mood.


Costa Rica 

We will move to Central America Switzerland, after all it is Costa Rica. Like Switzerland, Costa Rica also boasts a lack of conflicts and wars. Unlike Switzerland, which maintains its security with fanaticism, even if at times it does not seem to have a justifiable reason, in Costa Rica the army was abolished as early as 1949 and since then problems and conflicts have been resolved solely through diplomacy. It has a great climate, good food and generally happy people! Costa Rica is rich in nature also which is great for those who love to explore!



A study published in 2013 tried to explain why Danes are so happy, and the researchers concluded that the happiness of Danish residents stems from a combination of a strong civil society, a successful balance between home and work as a result of state support for young families, and social security, low unemployment rates, free health insurance and more. There are also 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, including Chef Rene Radzafi’s Noma restaurant, which is named “the best restaurant in the world” year after year. Denmark’s climate may not be the best, but the weather is very stable.

I hope you have found this article useful for identifying countries to consider living in with your family.