The Dr Brown’s Bottles – Natural Flow Starter Kit | Review

Whilst pregnant with Layla I was asked if I would like to try some the Dr Brown’s bottles, which of course I did. You see the baby market is saturated with bottles at the moment which is great on the one hand as it means somewhere out there will be the perfect bottle for your baby but on the hand it makes it really hard trying to decide which bottles to use first.  When I was pregnant with my first I assumed a bottle was a bottle but that is most definitely not the case, they range in rice, size, teat style and flow system. It really can be a nightmare making the decision. Having agreed to try out some of the Dr Brown’s bottles I was sent their natural flow starter pack. Below you can read my full review and I really hope it is helpful for you.

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What is the Dr Brown’s natural flow starter kit?

The Dr brown’s  natural flow starter kit costs around £18.99 and consists of

1 x 270 ml Baby Bottle

2 x 150 Baby bottles

3 x level 1 teats

2 x level 2 teats

2 x level 3 teats

The Dr Brown’s natural flow bottles are the number 1 choice of the UK Health professionals and this is due to their proven track record of being able to give relief of colicky symptoms to babies due to the vent system they have. The vent system makes these bottles 100% vacuum free which means your baby has an air free feeding experience which reduces the build up of gas in their tummies making them feel much more comfortable after feeds. If you have a baby that suffers from colic then this will no doubt sound amazing, however if you are buying these for a colic free baby or a baby that is yet to be born then these bottles can still be used as the vent system is also

  • proven to help preserve vitamins
  • aid digestion for a better nights sleep
  • and the flow rate supports breast feeding. 

However if for whatever reason you want to you can even remove the vent system and use them as ordinary bottles.

Dr brown's bottles

My review of the Dr Brown’s bottles

I was really impressed with the Dr Brown’s bottles. They are easy to use, easy to clean and my daughter took to them straight away despite being breastfed which is probably because the Dr Brown teats are designed to be breast like for a more natural feeding experience. This may not be too important if you are solely bottle feeding but for those that are combi feeding or using expressed breast milk this will help to make the feeding experience as similar as possible for each feed.

I also found that my baby didn’t suffer from colic although it is obviously very hard to say whether that is because of the Dr Brown’s bottles or not but they do claim to be anti colic bottles and appear to have worked.

The great thing about the natural flow set is that the inclusion of 3 different size teats means it can grow with your baby, no need to suddenly panic that you need to buy bigger teats as you already have some ready to go. In a similar fashion the inclusion of the bigger bottle is also perfect for when you need to increase the amount of milk your baby needs without the need to go shopping again.

The Dr Brown bottles come highly recommended and if you are wanting to give them a go then I think this starter kit is great value for money and they would also make a brilliant baby shower gift.

(We were gifted the Dr Brown’s Bottles in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).