Sleeping Beauty at The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool

If you are looking for some family fun this Easter then why not head to The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool to watch their latest pantomime, Sleeping Beauty.

You and your family can watch the familiar tale of Princess Aurora as she falls under the spell of Carabose, pricking her finger on a spinning wheel on her 18th birthday and only waking back up again when true loves kiss breaks the spell. However, as with all Regal Entertainment pantomimes there are definitely a few plot twits along the way including a Queen unlike any you will read about in previous versions of Sleeping Beauty whose outfits quite literally light up the show.

As well as a few plot twists and interesting interpretations of recognisable characters, Sleeping Beauty is also full fun and laughter for the whole family from interactive segments and water guns for the children and a few cheeky innuendos for the adults.

Although it’s a pantomime, Sleeping Beauty will have you singing along just as much as any good musical would, with a fantastic musical medley from start to finish, which is also the perfect opportunity for the dancers to show off their very impressive moves too.

This years Sleeping Beauty at The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool is performed by an A star cast, all incredible, professional and believable, it’s truly a show not to be missed.

Sleeping Beauty is played by the lovely Mia Molloy who has the most incredible voice and will wow you with her solos. She is joined on stage by Rachel Wood who makes for a believably wicked Carabose and Warren Donnelly and Mark Two, who play the King and Queen, a hilarious double act that will be sure to have you laughing in your seats.

The whole story is pulled together by Reece Sibbald who plays Chester the Jester who takes your from scene to scene with jokes a plenty.

Sleeping Beauty is only on at The Epstein until Sunday 16th April 2023 so be quick and grab your tickets to this laugh out loud panto today.