Cutting Your Way to a Better Home: Safe cutting tools for your home improvement projects

Why is it important to have safe cutting tools for your home improvement projects

Recently, many people have found that doing home improvement projects by themselves can have many benefits. One of the advantages is that one will be able to work on the projects and complete them based on their schedule and not depend on others. Another benefit is that people will eventually get their desired outcome. 

However, do-it-yourself (DIY) work requires a lot of experience and skills from people. In order to gain experience, one needs to own all the necessary pieces of equipment and tools. Investing in modern tools is recommended for DIY-ers – especially when it comes to cutting tools. 

Cutting tools are going to be used in DIY projects no matter what; for that, investing in a modern and innovative cutting tool such as a utility knife or a box cutter can be a great way to ensure a safe cutting experience, as the tools are equipped with numerous features.

What constitutes of a safe cutting tool

As people started to acknowledge the benefits of owning a cutting tool, companies started to think of ways to improve them. To accomplish this, much time and effort were needed to research and collect customer feedback to enhance the tools and make them safer. 

One aspect that needed enhancement was the safety of the tools during the cutting process. The safety feature gradually became crucial for such products as people wanted to prevent lacerations during DIY projects. A lot of brands  started producing their cutting tools having the safety feature as the core of their product. One such brand is  Slice Products  which not only focuses on the safety feature making the tools hazard-free but also on the lock feature which allows people to fix the length of the blade when using the tool and lock the blade inside its frame after they are done using it.

Another added feature to enhance safety was changing the materials used to create the blade. Nowadays, most cutting tool blades are finger-friendly due to the zirconium oxide or ceramic materials used to create them. However, some might think that finger-friendliness can decrease the effectiveness of the tool – which is far from the truth – as the blades have the ability to cut through many hard surfaces

Different types of projects to use a cutting tool 

Cutting tools can be used for numerous kinds of projects; in other words, the tool will not be of great use for only one project. For instance, with a cutting tool, people can accomplish handyman projects – such as woodwork, hanging paintings, etc. 

On the other hand, many people use it to create crafts – the utility knife is mostly used for these, allowing creators to cut precise designs easily. 

Some might use the tool for electrical work – to cut wires. Cutting wires is tricky since it increases the chances of electrifying a person due to energy transmission. However, the materials used to produce the blades do not transmit energy, making modern utility knives the perfect cutting tool. 

Lastly, many people have started to use cutting tools to open perfectly sealed online packages without causing any damage to their content. 

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How to use a tool to ensure as much protection as possible:

1 Use the lock feature

As mentioned above, the lock feature was inserted to increase the safety of the tools during the cutting process. The lock feature allows people more grip and control over the tool since it prevents the blade from changing its length. 

So, try using the lock feature to contain safety as much as possible. 

2 Ensure to angle the sharp angle of the blade away from your body

Some people use the cutting tool without paying attention to the angle they aim it toward. Holding the sharp blade at an angle away from one’s body can have positive consequences for decreasing the chances of facing an accident. 

Thus, ensure you aim the blade at an angle away from your body – so that when the tool accidentally slips from your hand, it will not cut through your skin. 

3 Make sure you are using the right type of cutting tool

Another important tip is to make sure to use the right tool for the project. Numerous types of cutting tools are available in the market nowadays, and each one is intended for some type of project. 

Hence, make sure to use the right one to accomplish your project.


To conclude, cutting tools are one of the most used tools for many different projects. So, investing in a modern cutting tool such as a utility knife or a box cutter equipped with numerous safety features will decrease the chances of harming oneself. 

Additionally, it is important to know the right ways of using the tools – such as holding the blade away from your body and using the right tool – so that the incorrect methods of using them do not cause any accidents.