Sherpa, More Than Just A Clothing Company

This week I have been introduced to a new clothing company, Sherpa, a clothing company with a difference and that’s what really caught my eye. The story behind the set up is unusual to say to the least and the ethos of the company is fantastic.

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What is Sherpa?

Sherpa  Adventure  Gear  was  founded  in  2004  by   Tashi  Sherpa.  Whilst   he  was  walking  down  the   streets  of  Manhattan,  a  magazine  issue   commemorating  the  50th  anniversary  of  the  first   ascent  of  Everest  caught  his  eye, the  craggy  line   of  the  familiar  face  staring  at  Tashi  from  the   front  cover  belonged  to  none  other  than  his   Uncle,  Ang  Gyalzen  Sherpa,  who  was  one  of  the   original  Sherpas  on  Sir  Edmund  Hilary’s  celebrated  expedition  in  1953.

Sherpa  Adventure  Gear  is  an  outdoor  brand  with  a  difference.  The  brand  has  an  amazing  brand   message  to  support  the  Sherpa  climbers  of  Everest.  From  the  early  days  of  Sir  Edmund  Hillary’s  first   successful  summit,  to  modern  mountaineers’  attempts  on  these  treacherous  Himalayan  peaks,   Sherpa’s  have  been  there  to  support  the  climbers  through  guiding,  hauling  food  and  gear,  setting   ropes,  and  rescuing  sick  and  injured  climbers.  The company  therefore  donates  a  %  of  every   item  sold  to  the  Paldorje  Education  Fund,   which  provides  much-­‐needed   head  start   scholarships  to  less  fortunate  children in the area.  The clothing range  is  worn   and  tested  by  Sherpa’s,  which  enhances   the  brands  quality  and  commitment  to  the  very people it was set up to support.    Most  recently,  following   the  devastating  Earthquake,  Sherpa  have   set  up  a   Help  Sherpas,  Help  Nepal   Earthquake  relief  fund.     Sherpa  Adventure  Gear  seeks  to  honour  the  unsung  Sherpa  heroes  of  Everest  by  creating  gear  that   earns  the  praise  of  the  world’s  toughest  high-­‐altitude  climbers,  Tashi  Sherpa  set  out  to  honour  his  people  by  creating  the  best  quality  outdoor  apparel  made  in  Nepal.

So if you are looking for some new outdoor wear and would like to help the Sherpas at the same time then you absolutely must check out their website. They have a great selection from scarves to coats and everything in between.

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