Review | Little Red the Panto at Theatre Porto

Last night Connor (11) and I headed to the Theatre Porto to watch Little Red. We had originally been booked on at the start of the tour in December but due to ill health the show was cancelled and we had to re book which is a massive shame as there are now only three days left for you guys to go and watch it, but if you can, I urge you to do so, as you won’t be disappointed.

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Little Red is a panto like no other. It has been very cleverly written by Kevin Dyer and directed by Nina Hajiyianni in such a way that is takes place on the theatre floor with raised seating on both sides of the “stage”. This not only allows for a great view no matter where you are but also creates the need for a 360 performance which makes the show come to life in ways a usual theatre production doesn’t. It some how makes you feel part of the story as opposed to watching from the outskirts.

The show itself is delivered by an all female cast that consist of only 4 actresses;

Francesca Anderson as Grandma
Stephanie Greer as Wolfie
Fatima Jawara as Little Red
Anoush Kendrick as Woodcutter

Between them they tell a more gruesome version of Little Red Riding Hood than the one you are probably familiar with. This adaptation focuses on Red’s journey through the forest as she goes to visit her sick grandmother and her unexpected interactions with the very hungry wolves that she meets on the way. It offers a change in perspective as we learn about the wolves habitat and how their forest is being chopped down around them making it increasingly difficult to find food. Despite the desire to still eat both grandma and Little Red, Stephanie Greer manages to make the audience some how feel sympathetic to the wolf in her endearing portrayal of Wolfie, the grief stricken starving wolf!

The show lasts about an hour and is captivating from start to finish with each actress playing an incredible role and taking you on Little Reds journey through the forest via dancing, singing and acting. They even manage to fit in some games and audience participation along the way.

Little Red is advertised as being suitable for those aged 4 and over but if you have a child that is easily scared I would wait till they are a little bit older as there are a few jumpy bits in it. However, for everyone else this is a show not to be missed. It is magical, mesmerising and moving all at the same time.

Little Red will be showing at Theatre Porto till January 13th so be quick and grab your tickets today.

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