Our Weekend Box Review

A couple of weeks ago we were sent a Weekend Box from the Weekend Box Club, which is a small box full of S.T.E.M. craft activities, that can be done over the weekend – or anytime at all really.  It arrived just as we were leaving for Devon so I put it away and forgot about it until the weekend just gone when I dug it out and had a closer look. You can read our full weekend box review below.

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Weekend box review

The tiddler was really excited to rip it open as soon as he saw it but the big’un at 9 was not interested at all so their target age of 3-8 is spot on. The tiddler and I decided to have a morning of crafting and from the minute he opened the box he was really engaged with it. From the unusual characters introducing themselves on the inside of box to the individually wrapped activities in bright coloured packets, it all captures their imagination immediately.

We tried the rocket first and we found this easy to make and enjoyable and when we took it outside for the grand lift off I’ll be honest I was expecting it to be a bit of an anti climax but instead the rocket shot up and out of the mug spraying orange foam everywhere which really made the tiddler giggle. It also started a conversation about how it had worked which was great from an education point of view too.

Over the course of the next few days we tried a few of the other activities which were equally as fun but the rocket was definitely the star of the show and one he wants to recreate again already.

The weekend boxes are priced at £8.95 which includes postage and I do think they are good value for money as they have three main activities in as well as a couple of other activities in the book and even the box can be cut and coloured to create a door hanger. However, I don’t think these boxes are perfect just yet which is why I love doing reviews and sharing my findings with you and the company so that we can make the most out of them.

Below are my main review findings….


The good points

1. There is a good mix of STEM activities and arts and crafts. Perfect for exploring STEM topics with your children.

2. It fits through the letter box so no need to worry about being in for delivery.

3. It is good value for money as the boxes contain lots of activities that will keep your child busy for hours not minutes.

4. The majority of things you need are included in the box.

5. The instructions are easy to read and are accompanied by pictures to help the children follow them too.

weekend box review

The not so good bit

1. We found that although the materials were included they weren’t the best.

There wasn’t enough silver foil to cover the bottle but luckily we had some more in the house.

The effervescent had started to melt, although I didn’t open the box for two weeks so maybe that’s my fault.

And the sticky squares wouldn’t hold the card in place so we had to improvise with cello tape.

None of this phased the tiddler at all but it was annoying for me and I would recommend you open the box without the child first, to check you have everything you need, including extras of anything before your little one get super excited and then you can’t complete something.

weekend box review

Overall I would recommend the weekend boxes as a fun and educational activity for families to do. However if your child is more in to art than STEM then I highly recommend the Toucan boxes.

(We were sent a box in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own).