Lift Fast Acting Glucose | Review

Lift is a fast acting glucose that is designed to be rapidly absorbed into the body to give you that additional level of energy and putting you in control when you need it the most. Over the last month I have been using a few of the lift products to see if they are as good as they sound when it comes to getting me energised.

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Lift Products

There are various products available in the fast acting glucose range including individual chewable tablets that come in packs of 10 or 50 and are available in four flavours Very Berry, Zesty Lemon & Lime, Juicy Raspberry and Tangy Orange. My favourite flavour is the Very Berry, although they are all nice.

And the single glucose shots that are available in Very berry and Zesty lemon and lime flavour.

Having tried both the tablets and the shots I do think I prefer the chewable tablets. They are lower in calories which is important to me when I am headed to the gym, they taste great and definitely work. However, I do think the shots are great for grabbing on the go or keeping in your gym bag and would be perfect for using during a long run or cycling event.

Lift Review

I started off by taking one tablet before the gym but wasn’t that impressed, then I upped it to two and definitely saw a noticeable increase in my energy levels and now I take three before every work out and really feel like it gives me the push I need to get started, especially on days when I can’t be bothered. I also find that Lift doesn’t just get me going but it also keeps me pumped and energised enough to work hard for the full routine and I have had some of my best workouts since taking these products.

Over the last month I have increased my weights,added extra exercises into my circuit and started to include a run post work out too and I am confident that some of these changes, if not all of them, have been introduced due to feeling more energetic now that I use Lift and I would highly recommend them.

As well as using Lift for the gym both my husband and I have also used them when we became ill and felt lethargic. These nifty little tablets really gave us a boost to get through the day and cope with three kids, work, and running a household whilst unwell. Obviously they didn’t make us feel better as such but they enabled us to power through when resting wasn’t an option.

Overall I would highly recommend Lift fast acting glucose, whether it is for a big sporting event, a newbie at the gym or even for giving you the edge on a bad day. They are safe to take, low in calories, fast acting and way more affordable then you would expect at only £1.25. If you are looking to add something in to your pre work out regime then give these a go today, available from Amazon, Asda, Boots, Lloyds Chemist, Superdrug, Tesco