How to get a good nights sleep

How to get a good nights sleep is something that most people have googled at some point in their life, usually during the early hours of the morning! Sleep is really important, it allows the body to heal both physically and emotionally, yet it isn’t something that always come easy. There are a number of common causes of poor sleep patterns and for some you may need to consult your Doctor however the first thing you can try yourself is routine.

Routine is key. Just like when our babies were little a sleep routine for older children, teenagers and adults can still be very important. It can help the body relax and wind down in preparation for falling asleep instead of suddenly getting in to bed all fired up and expect to be able to just drift off.

If you are looking to get a good nights sleep then try these tips to help establish your own bed time routine.

Put away the electronics

At least an hour before bed switch off, or move from sight, your electronics. This includes phones, laptops and even the TV. The blue lights from these devices are said to interfere with our ability to sleep, that and the fact that you are likely to lose hours scrolling through information that is not relevant and could be making you anxious.

Have a relaxing bath

Once you have switched off your devices for the night go and have a nice relaxing bath. Lavender is meant to help relax the body so using bath bombs and bubble bars like these ones from Hubble Bubble are a great way to chill out, unwind and treat yourself. You could also try using a face or eye mask and allowing yourself to soak quietly without any distractions. (If you use code SF10 at Hubble Bubble you will get 10% off too).

Enjoy a hot drink

Once out of the bath if you are still not feeling ready to get into bed just yet then try opting for a nice hot drink. This could be hot milk or tea. Personally I am a fan on the sleepy herbal teas and the chamomile teas. Whatever you choose try and avoid anything that is fizzy, high in sugar or high in caffeine as these are likley to stimulate your brain and prevent sleep.


Whilst drinking your hot tea avoid reverting back to scrolling through your phone or watching TV, these should now have been put to one side for the morning. Instead try reading. Opt for an easy, light hearted book and set a timer so that you don’t get so gripped on the story line you find yourself still reading at 2am!

how to get a good nights sleep


If reading isn’t for you, or you find the reason you can’t sleep is due to anxiety, worry or stress then try journaling. There are a few ways you can do this. One way is to write down all the thoughts flying through your head, simply getting them out will make your head clearer. Another way is to make lists. Lists of what needs to be done over the next day or week. List of things you need to buy or sell. Lists of people you want to reconnect with. It really depends on what is troubling you at the time but documenting your thoughts can really help to streamline them and make them more manageable.

One of my favourite ways to journal in the evenings is to note down all the things I am grateful for from that day. I aim for a list of 10 gratitude’s and I find this makes me really appreciate the small things in life too. I also find that more often than not I fall asleep feeling thankful and happy as opposed to stressed or anxious. If you haven’t tried it then give it a go.

Get in to a comfy bed in a dark room

Once your tea has been drank and your mind cleared get yourself comfy in bed with the lights off. It is advised to make sure that your bed is right for you. Have a mattress that is the right firmness for you so that you are supported and comfy and invest in good pillows too. We recommend the Origin CoolMax Pillow as it has a pressure relieving and cooling latex core and it is breathable to enhance your comfort and keep you cool whilst sleeping. It is also hypogenic and anti-allergenic and comes with a machine washable cover.

If you practise this routine on a regular basis your body and mind will soon start to adapt and you will find it easier to drift off and hopefully get  a good nights sleep.

So there you have it, my top tips on how to get a good nights sleep. If you have any other top tips please do let me know.