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Having had three kids I can honestly say that your changing bag will be one of the most used items you will use, so investing in a good one is definitely worth the money. I can also say, from experience, that having a changing bag that is a backpack is a complete game changer. No it doesn’t necessarily hang over the handles of your pram easily but it is so much easier to carry, especially when you have to collapse your pram or find yourself going somewhere without the pram altogether, as the backpack style leaves you completely hands (and hips) free to carry your baby or chase your toddler.

The Thule changing back pack was sent to me a few weeks ago for review, it costs £129.99 and comes in a very stylish black/grey and will go with every pram or outfit and is also unisex, but is it worth the money?

Read my review of the Thule changing backpack below to find out.

Thule Changing Backpack Review

First off the backpack is really comfy to wear and has extendable straps so you can wear it over coats or T-shirts and share it with your partner or other care givers as they can simply adjust the straps. However, that isn’t very remarkable on it’s own as most backpacks do this but if you add this to the number of additional features the Thule changing backpack has then it really does make it stand out from the crowd in terms of changing bags.

One of the things I loved about the Thule changing backpack is that it includes a padded, easy to clean changing mat which, again, most changing bags do have, however this one comes with storage pockets and handy soil bag for small dirty clothes, clearly designed by a parent that has been there done that! The simple addition of those extra pockets and a spare bag right when you need it are invaluable if you find yourself in the middle of a baby explosion when out in public. Knowing you can wrap the dirty clothes up easily will be a massive stress reducer and will also relieve any worry about it spreading all over the bag and everything in it.

thule changing backpack

It also has loads of pockets and compartments which makes being organised super easy. You can give everything a specific place so you know exactly where it is when you need it instead of having to root around in the bottomless abyss of a typical ‘lift the flap and chuck it all in’ changing bag.

And when I say loads of pockets I really do mean loads. This includes

  • a magnetic fastening pouch on the front of the bag
  • an open pocket on either side of the bag that can stretch out to hold a bottle, one for you one for baby
  • two netted small pockets on the inside of the front of the bag
  • one long pocket the width of the bag at the back protected by a padded divider
  • and then of course the main section of the bag

and then the mother of all storage solutions and in my opinion and the piece de resistance about the Thule changing back pack is the easy to access yet somewhat hidden secret zip compartment on the bottom of the front of the bag.

thule changing backpack

This opens to reveal a removable travel size bag that has even more pockets and compartments. This removable bag can hold enough to keep you and baby going for a few hours with nappies, wipes, spare clothes, medication, creams or snacks and can even be turned into a bag that you can either wear like a bum bag around your waist, a shoulder bag or even hang it from the pram as it has adjustable straps that fasten with a clip.

I have never known a changing bag with some many useful compartments.

So is the Thule changing backpack worth the £129.99 price tag?

In my opinion, if you can afford to spend this on a bag then yes it is worth it as it will last from birth till you no longer feel you need it and can then still be used as a general bag. The quality is worthy of the price tag and you will definitely get good value for money if you use your changing bag the way I’ve used mine over the years.

It’s a massive thumbs up from me for the Thule changing Backpack.

An extra side note – If you plan on travelling with your baby this bag fits the cabin size requirements and would make traveling so much easier than your usual changing bag styles.

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