The Secret Interior Design Feature Everyone Overlooks

Interior design has experienced a significant boom in recent years, not least due to the compulsory national lockdowns and restrictions which made remaining at home wholly mandatory for many. No longer able to ignore the more neglected areas of our homes, we had no choice but to fantasize about altering and improving features, furniture, and furnishings throughout our home.

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With the popularity of interior design and makeover television programs significantly increasing, now, more than ever, it is time to earnestly contemplate how the arrangement and design of our rooms can be enhanced, rejuvenated, amended, and upgraded for a happier and more aesthetically pleasing home. One simple way to achieve this is by investing in well-curated furniture packages that reflect your personal style and elevates the overall look and feel of your space.

The 7 Key Principles of Interior Design

Contrast: Where two or more elements that have opposite characteristics are placed together and work as one.

Emphasis: Where feature pieces are added in a space that draw the eye towards them.

Detail: Where small, often not immediately apparent objects and design details produce an overall finished, well-put-together ambiance of a space.

Balance: Where, upon entering a room, the visual calmness of a room is immediately perceptible.

Rhythm: Where recurring patterns, colors, and other elements come together to create movement and harmony throughout the space.

Emphasis: Where the viewer’s attention is deliberately drawn to a specific design element.

Scale: Where the relative size of a design element is consciously considered by its relation to another.


The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is a concept derived from an ancient poem that refers to human life being connected and flowing with the nature and environment around it. The words “feng” and “shui” mean “wind” and “water” respectively, and Feng Shui is essentially the practice of arranging the features and furniture within a living space in order to create balance, harmony and equilibrium between you and your environment.

Interior designers practicing with Feng Shui in mind claim to truly benefit from the wisdom of the teachings of this ancient practice.

Staple Furniture & Statement Pieces

Furniture plays a fundamental role in interior design. The key pieces all respectable interior designers worth their salt concentrate on are not confined to, as you may believe, bulky and heavy items of furniture.

The most overlooked and underrated piece in any living space is one that is so often assumed to be purely a necessity: the radiator. Whereas in reality, they are fast becoming stunning and chic features inside the most fashionable of homes.

What most people remain unaware of, however, is that radiators and heated towel-rails alike are able to not just be designer-made but also beautiful, stunning features within a living space. Warm rooms are unbelievably significant in fashioning a cosy, comfortable and homely atmosphere. These days, radiator specialists can create, from scratch, radiators and heated towel-rails as fabulous and as utterly unique as your heart desires.

This Spring, why not rejuvenate your tired living spaces and inject some much-needed colour, panache, Feng Shui practices, stylish bespoke radiators, and environmental equilibrium.

Start small, and you will immediately see the benefits of the changes.