The Importance Of Community Involvement For Children

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. The community that you live in can influence your child and help them in their development. By getting involved in community projects like those that involve cleaning up the neighbourhood and other volunteering opportunities, your child can develop a deeper connection with it, grow their confidence and develop their social skills. We have teamed up with an independent school in the West Midlands to share more on the importance of community involvement for children.


Confidence is something that you want to work on with your child to help them grow into an independent person that’s able to reach their full potential. A lack of it however can hold them back from attempting new challenges and stop them from learning new things. Community involvement helps by giving children something to work on and make a direct impact. As they see the fruits of their work and the benefits to the community, they will be able to experience the feeling of pride and joy. They may also potentially be able to meet others and begin to feel comfortable interacting with them.

Sense of Belonging

As they interact, your child may make friends and feel closer to their community by being so heavily involved. It can help to build a sense of belonging and somewhere that they feel that they can connect to in the world. Those that feel this way tend to display more positive behaviours as they don’t wish to let their community down.

Building New Skills

As mentioned earlier, community involvement can look like volunteering. They may do things like complete a fitness challenge or hold a bake sale to raise funds for community projects. In turn, they can pick up new skills that they may not have had the opportunity to before. There are lots of ways you can make helping charities fun for kids whilst still teaching them life lessons.