Making Charity Fun For Kids

Anything that you do in life, it is always better to have fun whilst doing it. Whether it is working, jobs around the house, looking after children or exercising – even the most mundane of the task can fly by if you can make it fun.

It’s something that we try to teach children, if it is just to teach them to pick up after themselves. One key aspect of life that sometimes goes under the radar is charity and the act of giving. In the modern day, especially, it is important to instil an attitude of remembering to give, as well as taking.

Children love an excuse to have fun, so it makes sense to tie in giving to charity with fun – this ultimately makes for a great fundraiser. Events and fun challenges have always been fantastic ways to raise money for charity, allowing children to get involved and play their part, as well as helping to understand why charity and community involvement are important.

Fundraising Festivals

Fun days that include games, competitions and food and drink are great ways to get everyone involved, young and old. Community events that bring people together turn into annual events, often being the one time of year that everyone comes together and chips in acting as a throwback to days gone by.

Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for everyone to know each other in the street and look out for each other, as opposed to the modern day where neighbours are almost complete strangers, avoiding conversation. To revive that forgotten community spirit, even if just for a few hours, can be a great way to help raise money for a local cause.

Understanding the Meaning of Charity

Although fundraising can be fun, it is important that children understand the meaning behind charity. While raising money can often be an excuse to let your hair down and act silly, this is done all in the name of a worthy cause. Not just to raise money for something trivial.

In Islam, children are taught about the importance of charity from an early age. Charity makes up a large part of festivals such as Ramadan, Eid and Qurbani, instilling values early on in their development.

A good way of teaching children the value of charity is to show them the difference that donations can make, so as they understand exactly what it is they are raising money for. For example, if they are raising money to fund a children’s charity, it would be good to educate them on the job that such charities do and why they are needed.

When children understand the importance of charity and the cause they are raising money for, this may just inspire them to go above and beyond in their fundraising efforts.

A Smile is Contagious

There is nothing more contagious than a smile, which is why we are always encouraged to smile in the street. It puts all at ease and demonstrates that we are having a good time, which hopefully rubs off on anyone we come into contact with.

The best charity events are the ones that put a smile on everyone’s face. By having fun with your charity event, encouraging children to get involved with their own ideas and actively participate, you won’t be going far wrong in your fundraising efforts.

Let the kids go wild and don’t be afraid to let them get a little messy because, if it’s in the name of charity, it’s all for a good cause that makes clearing up after them worthwhile.

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