Where are the YHA pop up shops?

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with the YHA for a few years now and during that time I have learnt so much about them as a charity, what they stand for and of course the accommodation they offer. We have experienced a number of their youth hostels first hand including  Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. This week I found out about the YHA pop up shops for the first time and they sound fantastic.

What are YHA pop up shops?

YHA pop up shops are fabulous fashion events that take place as part of YHA Day. They are literally shops or stall that pop up for two days and then disappear again, selling clothes, jewellery and the most random of random belongings left behind by guests throughout the last year or things that have been kindly donated by travellers who over-shopped on the high streets and had to leave some of their belongings behind.

What can you expect to find?

The joy of these events is that you really can expect to find just about anything.

Vintage, pre-loved and second-hand clothes are great for giving you a distinctly different look and every piece tells a story – you never know who might have left something behind! From designer threads to homemade garments, you’ll definitely find something to suit your trend tastes here. Some events are also showcasing some local student designers so you may be able to pick up an original piece from the next Vivienne Westwood or Karl Lagerfeld!


Are the YHA pop up shops expensive?

With YHA believing strongly in good old fashioned charity shop prices, it’s a fantastic chance to grab an absolute bargain! Prices start from as little as 50p and it’s a great opportunity to get a peek inside some of YHA’s most beautiful buildings including the Rowntree house at York and YHA St Paul’s which was once a boarding school for the choir boys at St Paul’s Cathedral.

When and where can I find a YHA pop up shop?

Following the huge success of the YHA Lost Property Charity Shop at YHA London St Paul’s for the last two years, YHA (England & Wales) has decided to create more pop-up shops throughout England and Wales. For just two days – September 5th and 6th 2015 – YHAs nationwide will be showcasing some of the best lost property ever left behind!

YHA’s pop-up shops will be appearing at a YHA near you, in some key locations throughout England and Wales. Find your fashion must-have at

YHA Ambleside,

YHA Bristol,

YHA Cambridge,

YHA Cardiff,

YHA Keswick,

YHA Liverpool,

YHA London St Paul’s,

YHA Malham or

YHA York.

What happens to the money raised?

All money raised on the day goes directly to the YHA’s charity, Breaks for Kids, which gives bursaries to children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds when they take part in a school or community group break – allowing them to experience the great outdoors and a variety of adventures that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We believe in providing opportunities for everyone.

Let me know if you go and manage to pick up a bargain.