The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Summer has officially started and with that normally comes a desire to revamp our gardens,  plant some pretty flowers or start growing our own veg and maybe even take on a full garden renovation project.  If this sounds like you and you’re currently sat there mentally redesigning your garden then let me ask you this, have you considered artificial grass? Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular and it’s not surprising really, here are just a few of the benefits of artificial grass.

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It’s a one off payment 

Okay so having artificial grass may cost more than growing your own lawn or having it re turfed BUT it’s a one off payment with no need to buy any extras throughout the year. No need for grass seeds or specialist feed or even a gardener and as it lasts for years, you certainly wont need to re do it the following year where as you might with actual grass.

It remains green all year round

No matter the weather or the season one of the best benefits of artificial grass is that is will keep its vibrant green colour all year through. Your lawn will always look well kept and presentable should you find yourself with a house (or garden)  full of unexpected guests. A gorgeous lawn at the ready is also perfect should you wish to throw any last minute BBQ’s or garden parties.

benefits of artificial grass

It is easy to maintain

Artificial grass is so easy to maintain. No more worrying about watering it, weeding it or cutting it. If the weather is really bad it wont turn in to a mud pit, if it’s really hot and dry it wont burn and you can go on holiday for as long as you like and not worry about having to tackle it when you get back. What more could you want?

Artificial grass looks lovely 

There is no denying that artificial grass can really make a garden. It looks lovely, clean, bright and fresh all year round. It can help differentiate between different areas of your garden and is eye catching and basically just gorgeous and you can of course choose from a range of different styles and colours depending on your likes, needs and budget.

benefits of artificial grass

Overall artificial grass is where it is at when it comes to garden make overs and with all the benefits outlined above you would be mad not to include it in your grand designs too.