Teaching Your Child About Internet Safety

The internet is a vast place, and equally as useful to our children as it is to the majority of adults for the huge number of benefits. In actuality, the internet can be an entirely safe experience if you’re fully equipped with how to be safe and secure.

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With this guide from this private school in Kent, we take a look at how you should show your child about safety online.

Show them ways scammers can catch people out

Scams, phishing emails and ads are becoming cleverer the more other users are aware of the risks. Show children how harmful these acts can be and what it can do if you don’t pay attention to suspicious emails, ads and other content.

For your child, show them the main ways a scam or threat could be spotted. The easiest way to do this is by sitting next to your child as they navigate different webpages. Over time you’ll learn to trust your child in knowing what could be a risk and what can be deemed safe.

Give your child a set amount of time on the internet

Sometimes children can become pulled to the internet and possibly even addicted in some cases. Limit their time online for the first few years so that they can get to grips with using websites and prioritising their time.


Your child may already play video games online as well, so remember to monitor their activity on all mediums where they require the internet. You’ll be able to set restrictions on your internet settings and change settings on video game consoles as added protection.


As more measures are added, children can begin to access the internet safely. There are now a number of restrictions in place to protect young people online, as well as classes that are taught during school time to learn about the risks.