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Is Gel-a-peel just for girls?

We have recently been sent two gel-a-peel sets to review the first was the Gel-A-Peel 547198E5C Fashion Station    and the second was the colour changing kit.


Gel-a-peel is a selection of liquid gels in a variety of colours that can be manipulated to create various shapes but once dried it goes hard and keeps the shape.  It can be used as a stand alone substance to create jewellery or can be put on fabrics to customise clothing, bags or pretty much anything you like.

When we first opened the sets the boys were not very impressed and to be honest it was a bit of an anti climax as they just complained that they were girls toys and didn’t want to join in. I try not to  encourage the whole girl/boy gender stereo types but I could see why they thought this.  The packing is definitely aimed more at girls using pinks and purples and the models are all girls too, which is a real shame as loads of boys, including mine, love arts and crafts.

The tiddler did agree to have a go with me but the big’un was not as keen so we set it up and……failed. The instructions made no sense to me and we couldn’t work out what went where or how. In the end we had to watch some you tube videos on how to get it working, which the big’un found hilarious and then decided he would join in to, just to show us how it was done of course.


Once we eventually figured it out we did have lots of fun making bracelets and the toddler designed a t-shirt with an ice cream on which he absolutely loves and has asked several times to get the set out again and make more stuff, so overall I would say it is a good product but they could benefit from changing the packaging and make the instructions clearer.

The second set is the colour changing gel and I must say this was more popular although once again two of the three colours included are much more “girly” than the one blue to green shade which I think will put boys off asking for it and will put parents off from buying this for boys which is a shame as mine still enjoyed it.

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