Our Christmas Sparkle Was Stolen By Broomheath Plantation

5 weeks ago my family and I took our annual trip to the Broomheath plantation to pick our Christmas tree. It was a lovely day spent hunting for the perfect tree to fit in our living room to be tagged ready for us to chop down ourselves in December. On Saturday we went with our two very excited boys (5 and 3) to cut down our tree, take it home and decorate it. Despite the rain and wind we were all looking forward to our Christmas tradition and arrived full of merriment, racing through the muddy puddles to our chosen tree, only to find nothing but a tree stump!

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Someone had cut down our tree down!

As you can imagine my heart was racing and I was at a total loss as to what could have happened, trying to keep positive I thought maybe the owners had cut it down for us, or even by accident, and we could still take it home, but after speaking to staff it became clear no one had the slightest idea where our tree was or what had happened to it. Cue two very upset little boys, an angry daddy and a seriously pissed off mummy.

I still can not believe that there are people in this world that would steal a Christmas tree! but not only that, take the time and effort to cut it done in order to steal it. They must have known it already belonged to a family as there was a tag hanging from it. Now don’t get me wrong I think it’s awful to steal full stop and stealing Christmas trees is just rotten but stealing one that has already been claimed by a family really is as low as it gets. There is no denying it ruined the start of our Christmas traditions.

We decided to stay in the rain and trudge around for another hour looking for a tree but as you can imagine all the best trees were taken and in the end we found a tree that was good compared to what was left but it’s not our tree and  when we got home we found that it is far too short and too wide for the space we need to put it in.

Its awful to think that some selfish idiots have had such an impact on our Christmas but I wont be able to use the choose and chop method for a Christmas tree again in fear of this happening.

I know that there are worse things in the world than a Christmas tree and as soon as I think of what some people are going through I can put this into perspective but at the time I was so angry and upset that our Christmas sparkle was ruined by Broomheath plantation that I felt the need to share it with you and ask……..

How do you get the Christmas sparkle flowing in your family?

broomheath plantation

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