Kebelo – velvet curls range product review

Kebelo was founded in 2010 by three brothers who had a vision to create a brand that would be “the foundation of beautiful hair.”

They have created 5 different ranges, an exfoliation for your hair and a 100 days of smooth hair products, ensuring that they cater for all hair types.

I was sent the Kebelo shampoo, conditioner and defining cream from the velvet curls range to review. My hair is naturally curly/wavey and I spend a lot of time, products and money on straightening it daily so it made a nice change to embrace my curls.


What did I think of the Kebelo products?

I like my hair care products to smell nice and not like chemicals. The Kebelo products do have a nice fragrance to them that isn’t over powering yet I can’t figure out for the life of me what it is. When I first used the shampoo I found that it lathered up a lot from only a small amount of product which is always good however the best bit was when I used the conditioner. As soon as I started to rub the conditioner onto my hair it immediately started to detangle my thick wavy hair making it smooth and sleek. Then when I (reluctantly) washed the conditioner off my hair felt smooth and manageable, I was really impressed.

Like I said I haven’t had my hair curly for some time so I wasn’t sure how my hair would react to these products. I decided to let my hair dry naturally and just see what happens and I was shocked to find that it started to dry curly like it used to when I curled it daily. The underneath section started to dry in ringlets and looked very pretty but the top was a bit more wavy and frizzy but definitely had more curl definition then when I use ordinary shampoo and conditioners.

I am going to give my hair a break from the straighteners for a bit ad start using the Kebelo products at the weekend and training my hair to go curly again as I can’t believe the difference one use has made, I will keep you posted.

How much are Kebelo Products?

The Kebelo products range in price depending which ones you get and where you buy them from. I have found them from as little as £15 per item and £35 for a set at Cosmetify.

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