How To Raise An Environmentally Conscious Child

The natural environment is under threat, and as we know, there’s lots that we could be doing to help. From small changes like taking your own carrier bags to the supermarket to cutting down on a few car journeys a week, we can all make a big difference if we work together and become more environmentally conscious.

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It’s just as much of a responsibility to impart this knowledge on to your child as they are the future. Making sure that they understand what’s going on around them and how they can fit into it all can make sure that they have a good quality of life that’s just as good (if not better) than yours. We have teamed up with a private school in Gerrards Cross to share some of the ways that you help your child become environmentally conscious.

Grow Your Own Produce

Supermarkets are great for convenience. Admittedly, the UK doesn’t have the best climate when it comes to growing fruit and veg but when in season, we can all make the most of our fresh and fertile soil. Green houses too. Those that are heated can be used all year long to grow fresh produce which can help to limit supermarket waste in terms of single waste packaging, food waste and energy wastage.


Old clothes and toys present upcycling opportunities that you can explore with your child. You can teach them about how to be creative and turn things that are otherwise useless into functional pieces. You may save some money too whilst helping to save the planet. Consider shopping for pre-loved clothing to help the planet too!

environmentally conscious child

Turn Off Unused Electronics

Turning off unused electronics is the easiest way to conserve energy and cut your household energy bill. You can do this by reminding your child to switch things off and by getting smart home devices that do this for you. This is also a great way to put time limits in place for their gaming and encourage them to play out doors more or join in with more more extra curriculum activities.

Introduce reusable products

Introducing your children to reusable products from a young age will help them opt for reusable over disposable as they get older, therefore heling to make your child more environmentally conscious. From a very young age you could use reusable nappies and washable baby wipes, as they get older you may want to use face clothes instead of face wipes and for those that ovulate you can also introduce them to Modibodi period knickers. Designed to be eco friendly and replace all pads and tampons these knickers can be washed and reused for every period giving your child a comfortable experience and educating them on environmental issues at the same time.

Just making these small changes can all help make your child become more environmentally conscious and help to improve the world around us, not jut for them but for heir children and grand children too.

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