How To Find The Best Restaurants In Dubai

If you are lucky enough to be holidaying in Dubai then I am sure that you are wanting to explore the area, experience the culture, and indulge yourself in the luxury that this magnificent city has to offer. You can choose to enjoy jam packed days full of adventure or fill your days with relaxation, sunbathing and even a trip to one of the many spas in the area, but regardless of how you spend your days you are bound to want to start the evenings dining in some of the best restaurants in Dubai.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Dubai with something for everyone’s tastes and budget and kowing where to start can be confusing, especially if you are only staying for a couple of days and want to experience a mix of places. Here are some of the ways you can ensure you find the best restaurants in Dubia for you and party.

Ask the locals

If you are staying in a hotel be sure to ask the staff for their recommendations as chances are they will be able to point you in the direction of something a little bit different, off the beaten track, and full of locals where you can immerse yourself in the culture and really get a feel for the area. However, avoid asking the staff on reception as they usually have certain restaurants they are told to promote and remember to be clear on what you want when talking to them. Ask them where they eat, where serves the best local cuisines, where are the hidden gems, the rustic bistros and back street cafes that offer way more than a 5-star meal in terms of authenticity and experience.

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Use Square meal

Square meal is a restaurant review and booking website. You can download the Square Meal UAE and it will show you the restaurants in the area. It currently has 655 options for Dubai and is easy to use, informative and free. You simply put in your location and it will tell you the nearest restaurants. You can then be more specific with your search choosing cuisines, budgets, awards won and even the type of views the establishment has. Once you have a selection of restaurants that fit the bill you can click on each one, read a little about what it offers, and see pictures of the food and then book direct through Square meal.

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Another great way to find places to eat is to simply explore, especially if you are wanting to eat in the busier areas such as main streets and shopping centres. Here you can have a wonder round, look through the windows and normally check out the menus outside too. Finding restaurants like this is always great as you can see for yourself what the atmosphere is like, whether it looks clean and if it is too busy for you or worryingly quiet when everywhere else is packed. However, always remember if you are going with the explore option to be very careful where you are going and make sure you stay stafe at all times.

Whichever restaurants you choose to visit in Dubai I hope you have the most amazing time.

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