Escape the Ordinary: Unique Holiday Rentals for Extraordinary Celebrations in Dubai

Sometimes, the thought of going on a vacation can be quite overwhelming as you may have to decide between a plethora of choices. Should you book a life changing cruise, a glamping trip in Spain or a luxury rental in Dubai.

There’s always this overwhelming feeling everyone experiences when planning a vacation or a getaway. That’s why it’s important to iron out important details of your vacation before leaving home. The best approach would be to put together a list of vacation rentals you could explore on your next vacation. Each option including Deluxe Homes vacation rentals is tailored towards a set of individual needs. Okay, let’s get right to business.

Beachfront Villas

Nothing describes vacations like beaches. Beaches provide that getaway scene you need to unwind from the city stress. And in Dubai, you’re certain to find beach houses that give you visual access to the Arabian Gulf, it’s a breathtaking sight. So, if you love building sandcastles and creating beautiful memories, this is an option you can explore.


If you love waking up to panoramic window views from tall buildings, then this is an option you should explore. The lovely city of Dubai looks more appreciable when viewed from a skyscraper. Plus, you’re certain to love the night view from these skyscrapers as it’ll create a romantic scene for you and your significant other.

Heritage homes

To most people, holidays and vacations are a time to learn about other cultures and traditions and Dubai has a culture that’s appealing. To experience the city in its cultural form, you can explore the heritage homes option and have a feel of the culture and tradition in Dubai. You’ll get to eat native foods and engage in native activities. A tour guide will really be helpful for this rental option if you’re looking to get a full-on experience.

Palatial apartments

Maybe you want to experience royalty and know what it feels like to live in a palace. If this is you, then the palatial apartments in Dubai are your go-to option. These apartments come with a fusion of traditional and modern amenities. You get to enjoy pool relaxation and experience the lushness that comes with sitting in the garden.

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Traditional Majlises

Now, you’ve probably watched those movies where Arabians are seated on a carpet in a round-table setting with a lot of traditional food on the table. These spaces are called majlises and they give you a unique Arabian experience. You get to witness firsthand what it feels like to be an Arabian. Spaces like this help you view life from a communal perspective. And it’s a good way to de-stress.

Bedouin Camps

Now, who doesn’t love the thrill that comes with camp experiences? It’s like being a Renaissance man, only that you’ll have access to modern amenities. Going on vacations in Dubai Bedouin camps is certain to give you a wealth of memorable experiences. You can indulge in fun activities like safari game nights, camel riding, and a plethora of others. Plus, you get to sleep under the stars and share significant memories with your loved ones. You’ve seen scenes like this in movies, right? How did it make you feel? Well, with Bedouin camps, you can have a firsthand experience.

Eclectic spaces

Vacation means different things to different people and this simple diversity makes life more enjoyable. Eclectic spaces are not left out on our list of holiday rentals. If you identify as someone who loves the serene nature of high-end apartments, then this is for you. These spaces come with creative artwork that makes you feel at home. Every design is done with classic finesse and precision.

Additional tips

Okay, so we’ve looked at a few lovely holiday rentals. Now, before we pull the curtain, let’s discuss some additional tips that’ll make your holiday celebration truly remarkable.

Pick a rental that matches the theme of your celebration.

Sometimes, people don’t get in the mood for celebration even amidst food and drinks. And it’s not like they aren’t happy, it could be that they aren’t just feeling it. To solve this “feeling” problem, you have to ensure that every detail of the ambiance is significant to the celebration theme.

For instance, a desert retreat would be perfect for a rustic-themed celebration, while a yacht would be ideal for a glamorous event. Do you get the point now?

Ensure décor and amenities reflect your style.

Of course, you should have a style. This could include anything from floral arrangements to custom-created menus. Whatever the theme of the celebration is, you can choose a space that allows you to personalize every décor and amenity to reflect your style

Plan activities and excursions that will keep you and your guests entertained.

Sometimes, it’s good to hire a tour guide for this. But if you don’t want to, you can take out time to plan activities and excursions. This could include boat tours, desert safaris, or visits to cultural attractions. You could use this ultimate one week in Dubai itinerary or create your own, just remember to consult all parties before you finalise the plans to make sure you have included something for everyone.

Final thoughts

Thanks for making it this far. The tips in this article can set you on the right path to choosing the perfect unique holiday rental for your holiday celebration. Each option is tailored to individual needs, happy exploring. 

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