How To Cope With Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons. It may be brought on by stress, illness, a reaction to medication or a sign of getting older. Whatever the cause, hair loss can be very emotional, some find it embarrassing others get angry or sad and some will manage to find ways to embrace the new look with ease. If you are struggling with the changes to your hair appearance then here are our top tips on how to cope with hair loss, we hope they help.

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Caffeine shampoo

If your hair is in the early stages of thinning and the hair loss in minimal then we suggest you start by using caffeine shampoos and similar products. These products are specifically formulated to use caffeine as a stimulant for your hair roots and follicles. Regular use will encourage your hair to grow thicker and faster and research shows that long term use of caffeine shampoos can prevent hair loss caused by old age. It may not stop the hair loss altogether but it may buy some extra time. Most supermarkets and pharmacies will stock caffeine shampoos or for stronger products you can also speak to your doctor.

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Change your hair style

The majority of people will have one main hair style in adult hood that they are most comfortable with but if hair loss is making this particular style make you feel self conscious then maybe it’s time to try a new one. If you have long hair then maybe change the parting from a middle to a side parting or visa versa. The new parting and the positioning of the hair will help to cover any patches that you are feeling most self conscious about.

If you have straight hair then curling it can also help to hide any patches of hair loss and the added volume can give the impression of more hair as opposed to less.

If, however, you hair is already very short then changing your style may be harder to do. In this case the solution could be to shave your head. Despite this sounding like it would make hair loss more noticeable it can actually make the bald patches seem less obvious and if you are likely to lose all or most of your hair then shaving your head early on will also give you a transition period which will help you get used to the new look.

Top Tip – if you wear bobbles in your hair then avoid this wherever possible as tight bobbles and other accessories can contribute to the hair loss through pulling and breaking. Try and wear your hair down as often as you can and be extra gentle when washing and brushing it.

Hair tattoos

If your hair loss is at a point where shampoo is no longer going to help it grow and a new hair style is not possible, then why not look at a more permanent solution. New Man SMP offers the world leading hair loss solution which is helping individuals maintain or regain their confidence with a cost effective procedure, scalp micropigmentation, also known as a scalp tattoo. This procedure is classed as a medical tattoo of the scalp which mimics a full head of shaved hair, it lasts for up to 5 years, requires no down time and is suitable for all ethnicities and hair types. If you are interested in getting scalp micropigmentation near Atlanta then do check out New Man SMP today.

Wear a wig

If you are not ready to try the hair tattoo just yet then why not have a play around with different wigs. There are so many colours and styles available for both men and women that you will be able to find something that you feel suits you and makes you feel confident again. You may even want to change it up a bit and have different wigs for different occasions. You can make an appointment with a wig specialist who will teach you how to attach your wig as well as how to care for it, or if you prefer you can shop online and have them delivered to your home.

Embrace the change

Finally, if non of the above options feel right for you then why not try to embrace the new look. It might take some time but whether you are male or female there are plenty of inspirational individuals out there who know how to rock the bald head look and still look gorgeous, you could be one of them!

However you decide to react to your hair loss situation always make sure that you are being true to you and do not worry about the opinions of others. You also do not need to pick one of the above options and stick to it. You can wear a wig one day and embrace your bald or shaved head the next, wear a hat or head scarf for certain occasions but not for others, or have the tattoo and proudly show it off. The choice is yours and expressing your individuality in a way that makes you happy is all that matters.