Discovering the independent pharmacy

This week I have been introduced to the independent pharmacy and I have no idea if I am late to the party with this one or, if like me, not everyone has heard of it, so I thought I’d share it with you as I was pretty impressed with the whole concept.

The Independent Pharmacy is an online resource where individuals over the age of 18 can access medical advice from trained professionals about a range of acute conditions. You can complete a health assessment which will be reviewed confidentially by a medical practitioners who will then be able to offer advice and recommend commonly-used prescription medications that you can then purchase online. Now at first when I read you can purchase the medication on line, huge alarm bels starting going off for me as I have heard many a story about ordering “prescription drugs” online and not being 100% sure what has arrived, where in the world they have come from and how trust worthy they are, so I did a little research. What I found was that the Independent pharmacy is UK based, is regulated the Care Quality Commission – CQC, is registered as an approved medicine seller with MHRA and all the Doctors are registered with the General Medical Council -GMC, which was enough to put my mind at rest.

Now this is by no means a replacement for visiting your GP if you have serious health worries but it is a fantastic resource if you have mild concerns,  a recurring issue, or just want to purchase some medication that you are familiar with and know works. I think that the idea behind this service is great and in theory it should help to reduce the strain on the NHS as less people will require an appointment with their GP’s, freeing them up to see those in crisis.


As I mentioned early, the service is for acute medical conditions but that covers a wide range of things including


Hair loss

Sexual health issues


Eye infections and many more.


So if you do need some advice and guidance on a medical issue or if you would just like to purchase some medication from a trusted pharmacy that is regulated by the CQC the head over to the Independent Pharmacy now and have a look around.




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