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How to make learning fun for your children?

A common struggle for parents these days is how to keep their children interested enough to consistently engage in a particular thing, more importantly, in learning. With many parents wanting to know how to make learning fun for your children we thought it was important to share with you our solution.

Games have recently become a bigger part of culture. The potential they have to transform children’s experiences in learning grows.

By the time these kids reach the age of 21, they’ve played 10,000 hours of video games, just about the same amount of time they’ve spent in school.

Being the digital natives that they are, today’s generation naturally gravitates towards the aesthetics of games and immediately understand and respect their mechanics and rules. They have different learning styles, a new attitude to the learning process, and higher requirements for teaching and learning.

Combining these ideas, recent studies have shown that gamification has become an effective tactic to address this problem. It is one of the educational approaches and techniques that increases motivation and engagement of learners.

It allows learners to become active participants with strong motivation and engagement to their own learning. Gamification is an effective approach to make positive changes in children’s behaviour and attitude towards learning, and to improve their motivation and engagement.

The results of the change have bilateral nature – they can affect learner’s results and understanding of the educational content and create conditions for an effective learning process.

Gamification through KidSmart

With this in mind, KidSmart uses the very same technique and principles in their app to help parents make learning fun for their children. It offers kids an experience that they want and can’t get anywhere else to keep them engaged and involved in their own learning.

How to make learning fun for your children


KidSmart has 11 plus practice in just 20 minutes a day for ages 4-11. It includes English, Maths, Vocabulary, 11 plus practice tests, timed worksheets and hundreds of questions with 24/7 dedicated tutor support. It’s practically the same as having a tutor for the whole month for the price you normally pay for an hour.

Rewards for increased motivation

To keep your child interested, KidSmart encourages the use of rewards. Positive reinforcement can be used very effectively to create or enhance a desired behaviour. Nothing can motivate a child more than gifts, toys or gadgets that they really want. Every child is different and you know exactly which gift they want next. Add that gift to the app and set a target to motivate the child.

Not just an app

To ensure that your child gets all the help that he may need, KidSmart provides in-app explanations and answers, Oxford dictionary for words meanings, and videos where applicable. These are available as KidSmart strongly believes that self-learning is an important skill to have.

As KidSmart also recognises that children may need expert’s help from time to time, it has also partnered with tutors. These tutors offer on demand help through in-app messages, over a call, and through local tutors.

What’s more, it has been proven that KidSmart allows 30% better performance than using books or tutors alone.

See it for yourself and start the 14-Day FREE Trial today.

How to make learning fun for your children

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