Get creative this Father’s Day with Postsnap | Plus discount code

This week I have been recovering from a minor operation for my endometriosis and had completely forgotten that this weekend we would be celebrating fathers day. Luckily for me Postsnap got in touch and asked if I wanted to test out their card making app and even offered me a Postsnap discount code that you can use too.

The timing could not have been better.

I instantly downloaded the free postsnap app from the app store straight on to my Iphone and in minutes I was up and running.  The app is so easy to use, on their home page there are four options to choose from;

greeting cards,


announcement cards

and invitations.


They all look great but as it is Father’s day very soon and I rely needed a card I clicked on greeting cards. From here I was then presented with 53 different card choices, 18 of which were specifically for Father’s Day, so there is loads of choice no matter the age or personality of the dad in question.

All of the cards on Postnap can be personalised using text and photographs which is great, especially for a last minute card as it ends up looking like you have been very organised and thoughtful!

After umming and arrrgging for a few minutes over the various designs I decided to pick two cards, one from each of our sons. Both of the cards I selected allowed me to upload multiple photographs which is the best option for me as lets face it I am far to indecisive to pick just one cute picture of my boys with their dad.

Once I had chosen my card layout I braced myself for what was bound to be a tedious exercise of inserting pictures, cropping, moving, saving and changing and with a head full of pain killers and an aching body I was dreading it but I couldn’t drive to the shop for regular cards and the thought of arts and crafts before Sunday filled with me dread so I had no choice. However I needn’t have worried, it was so simple and straight forward, even in my groggy state there was no technical babble that required a PHD to upload the images. I simply clicked on the gap for a picture and uploaded one from my phone or facebook and then clicked on the text and typed my message, pressed save and that was it.

Voila, personalised cards in minutes.

Before you pay you are given the chance to preview the card, just to double check your own spelling and make sure you are happy with the design. I would recommend a quick preview as it would appear that my three year old loved his dad lots like jelly tits instead of jelly tots- oh the shame!


Postsnap Discount Code

If, like me, you have left it late to get your fathers day cards sorted then download Postsnap today for cards from £3 with free delivery. You can also use code STRAWBERRY to receive a whopping 20% off your first Postsnap order.

I will definitely be using Postsnap again for all our cards, postcards and if we ever need any, announcement cards too.


If you need to order more cards then we have a second postsnap discount code you can also use.