Flooring That Is Perfect For Remodeling

If you are putting plans in motion to remodel your kitchen, you probably have been recommended vinyl flooring as the better option. However, with so many brands to consider you will want the better-known brands – because they are better known for a reason.

You want quality, price, style, and protective qualities to factor into your decision, which is why you will no doubt come across the name Invictus within your first online searches.

Look to Vinyl

Homeowners look to luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) because of the many qualities that catapult it in front of other flooring options. Once considered flimsy and fake looking, Invictus opts for a more PVC-free, environmentally friendly design that perfectly replicates real hardwood and stone-based flooring.

Where luxury vinyl flooring factors in is it is suitable for every kind of household environment, including your kitchen for which it is a specialist product.

vinyl flooring

Easy to Install

As an easy option to install, homeowners can choose vinyl to reduce costs on professional fitters by undertaking the task themselves. You can choose from two options; click together planks and tiles or a glue-down method that may or may not require additional help from a professional fitter.

By focusing development on design layers to protect against the most common flooring problems, Invictus has become the trusted source for the heavy traffic and activity a kitchen presents. A strengthened wear layer protects against scratches and imprints from falling products, although it is recommended that you stray from wearing stiletto heels.

Reinforced Protection

Invictus’ moisture resistant design means that even water from the sink or spilt drinks will require only a quick wipe with regular kitchen tissue.

With a 100% waterproof design, you have the reassurance that any water-based accident will not soak through your planks or piles to damage the underlay or subfloor – providing you with a much longer lifespan out of your flooring and no need to replace or exchange it within 10 years. This is particularly good news if you are currently considering underfloor heating in your kitchen, which is a must for those who have to get up early and make breakfasts and lunch boxes.

Invictus flooring is manufactured to be naturally warm and comfortable underfoot and the perfect covering for underfloor heating systems as they will not be affected by changes in temperature.

This is why the Invictus range is on the tip of people’s tongues when it comes to vinyl flooring, such as grey parquet flooring. Always check your requirements with your supplier to get a full list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to your flooring.

If you do opt for vinyl flooring then be sure to save these top tips on how to clean your vinyl in minutes to ensure it looks amazing at all times, even when you have unexpected guests pop round.