5 reasons why Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool is the best place for your Christmas Party

Earlier this month my family and I were lucky enough to be invited back to Sapporo Liverpool to try out their Teppanyaki Christmas party menu and what a wonderful evening we had. So much so that I would recommend it to anyone who has been tasked with organising a Christmas party this year and here are 5 reasons why…


5 Reasons why Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool is the best place for your Christmas Party


1.Fun for all ages

Whether you are booking a Christmas party for your friends, family, or colleagues, Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool will keep everyone entertained the whole evening long. Unlike most restaurants Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool seats their guests around the cooking stations so you can watch the chef prepare the food right in front of you. Of course these chefs are far more flamboyant than any others I have seen before, creating flames that will rise above your head and causing you to gasp in surprise and maybe even mild fear, throwing food in the air and catching it in the their hats, encouraging you to join in by catching food in your mouth as they fling it at with as much hilarity as they can, as well as making all the guest laugh and ensuring everyone is having a good time. In addition to the shows between courses Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool also make sure children are kept entertained throughout by providing the with colouring sheets and crayons and not to mention the Christmas crackers filled with dad jokes.

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2. Christmas meal with a difference

The thought of Christmas parties makes most people feel excited thinking about all the food and drink they can indulge in but the reality is that for many people come the end of November they have eaten enough Turkey dinners, brussel sprouts and mince pies to last them till the following year. Well, if you book your Christmas party at Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool there wont be a sprout, gravy boat or Christmas pudding in sight, instead you will be treated to the most delicious Japanese cuisine you can imagine. You will be able to choose from a whole selection of delicious starters including calamari, ribs, sushi and green beans in spicy sea salt followed by rice, vegetables, potatoes and your meat or fish of choice, all cooked just the way you like it and right in front of you.

I can definitely recommend the lamb – amazing!

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3.Set menu, same price for everyone 

One of the hardest things at a Christmas party can be remembering who ordered what and then dividing the bill at the end but Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool offer two Christmas meal options, both set menus and therefore both with a set price making paying the bill easier, especially as people can then choose to order their drinks separately at the bar. Despite it being a set menu however I was surprised by the amount of choice available at each course as often you can struggle to find something you like but this menu really does offer something for everyone.

4. Kids menu available

If you are organising a Christmas party that needs to be child friendly then Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool offers an affordable children’s menu that comes with two courses and although the options are Japanese they  are still child friendly enough for them to enjoy it without being to scared by the new foods. For example they can have grilled chicken and noodles or chicken pieces and potato  which looks very similar to chicken nuggets. Much easier than trying to get them to eat a roast dinner disguised as a Christmas treat in my opinion.

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5.Free parking outside Sapporo Liverpool

Now I appreciate this sounds a bit boring but for those that aren’t drinking, have mobility issues, or are bringing children with them, this will be an important selling point for them. If you have an evening party there is street parking outside that is free after 6pm. This means no driving around aimlessly trying to find affordable parking, no dragging children through the streets of Liverpool late at night and no need to rush off to catch public transport. Of course for those of you that want to indulge in a Christmas cocktail or two you are still close enough to the city center to walk in to town, stop at a few bars or clubs and carry on partying till the sun comes up.


We had the most wonderful evening at Sapporo Liverpool, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was great, and the entertainment was fantastic, and despite not leaving till 10.30pm not once did I feel like my children were unwelcome or in an unsuitable environment, it really was a Christmas party evening suitable for everyone and one we will remember for years to come.


(We were gifted our meals at  Sapporo Liverpool in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own).