5 Reasons Why Pennywell Farm Is The Perfect Family Day Out

My children love visiting our local farms so we always look for new ones when traveling around the UK. As a result we first found Pennywell farm in 2019 when staying with family in Paignton and we had the most wonderful time. So when we booked to return to Devon earlier this year we just knew we had to pay Pennywell Farm another visit, this time taking our newest addition, Layla, with us too. Once again we had a wonderful day and I would highly recommend Pennywell Farm as the perfect family day out and here are 5 reason why…

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There is something for everyone

And when I say everyone I really do mean everyone. We visited as a 4 generation family from great-grand child to great-grandma, with the youngest being one and the oldest being over 70. We booked an afternoon session that lasted 4 hours and we didn’t struggle to keep anyone entertained during that time. For the youngest member of our group there was so much to keep her happy and engaged from simply walking round exploring to seeing the animals up close and to the designated parks with small play equipment.  At the other end of our age group my Nana was just as interested in walking round the farm and seeing the animals up close as well as taking in the amazing views from the top of the viewing tower. The activities, of course, can be enjoyed by all ages but what I found particularly great for us was that there were a number of benches and seating areas dotted about the farm for those that need to sit down and rest every so often.

The target age group I would say are the 4-10 year olds, which I think is the easiest to entertain and Pennywell have every possible angle covered for them. However, most places struggle to entertain that awkward age group, the 10 plus ones that are too cool for school and find everything “boring” or “babyish”, but even our 11 year old  loved Pennywell Farm. For this age group, the main attractions include the  brand new Thunder slide, mini adventure golf and the assault course.

Pig Cuddles 

For us this is this the highlight of our trip. We have never been anywhere else that offers this and it really is the cutest experience. The little miniature pigs are wrapped in blankets and placed in your arms like babies where they stay snuggled up enjoying their cuddles. It really is an experience like no other. The pig cuddles are open to everyone, they even let our 1 year old have a little cuddle too. Pig cuddles are included in your ticket price, they are not timed so you can cuddle for as long as you wish and you can go back for more at any point during your stay.

pennywell farm

A new activity every 30 minutes

If the vast amount of animals, parks, and rides aren’t enough to keep you all entertained then Pennywell Farm have also constructed a timetable of additional events. These take place every half an hour and include some fantastic hands on experiences and educational sessions. We joined in with the egg collecting, where we learn loads about chickens from around the world and the pig feeding where we got to feed two pigs in their paddock.

Pig racing

It is not every day you get to watch pigs battle it out in a race to be named the fastest pig in Pennywell, but here  it seems anything is possible and the pig racing is a true delight that had everyone laughing. You will get to cheer on your favourite pig as they race round the track, jumping through hoops and over fences, it was the perfect way to end our day.

pennywell farm

There are no hidden costs at Pennywell Farm

The price you pay is for the session. You can access all the rides, parks, set activities and the indoor play area at no extra cost. They are also happy for you to take a picnic or your own drinks in with you so you don’t have to purchase food or drink whilst there, although of course you can if you wish. They have set animal feeding times where you can feed certain animals and if they have lambs or kids you may even get to bottle feed them too, again at no extra cost. If you do want to feed additional animals you can purchase bags of food from the shop for £1.50 but you don’t have to do this.

We found that at £12.95 for a child, £14.95 for over 65s and £15.95 for an adult ticket it was good value for money and if you live locally you can even buy an annual family pass for 2 adults, 2 children and a guest for £245 which is exceptional value for money and something we would definitely do if we weren’t 4.5 hours away!

So there you have it, our 5 reasons why Pennywell farm is the perfect family day out for every member of your clan. Now all that is left for you to do is jump to their website and book your tickets.

As well as Pennywell Farm there are lots of other things to do near Paignton so you are sure to find the perfect attraction for you and your family.

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