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Why Cornbury Music Festival is perfect for families

Last year we took the boys to Cornbury music festival for the first time and had so much fun, it really was the perfect family festival; fun, friendly and most importantly, safe. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we are planning on going again this year when it runs from 10th – 12th July and our telling everyone we know all about it so they can come and join the fun too.

If you have never done a festival as a family before then here are some key factors that you need to know about Cornbury and why it is perfect for your first family festival.


Why is Cornbury Music Festival perfect for families?


1.The Quote

Well first and foremost when you check out the website there is a quote from Hugh Phillimore, the Founder of the festival that states

“Children are at the centre of this festival”

so there is absolutely no doubt that not only are children welcome but they are catered for too.

2. The children have a whole theme for their activities

This years theme is yet to be announced but if it is anything like last years big top theme it will be amazing . Cornbury really go to town to make sure there is an array of themed activities for all ages with so much choice to keep them entertained all day.


Check back soon as we will update the theme as soon as we have it.

cornbury festival

3. There is a designated area for the children

A whole area, a theme and specific activities for children means that there will most certainly be lots of children there which in turn means the parents can relax a little and let the kids enjoy their festival experience without worrying about what they may see or hear like they might if at a predominantly adult festival. It also means they are likely to make new friends which will only add to their festival experience.


But be warned, too much fun and they may catch the festival bug like mine did and want to return year after year!

4. The focus is not just music but also art and drama

Cornbury has a great mix of activities going on all weekend which are great for the kids to get involved with and try things they might not normally.

cornbury festival

5. Cornbury cater for the really young festival goers

If you are taking tiny tots with you then you can take them to check out the

  • Nursery Rhymes and Songs
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Face Painting sections

6. Activities are free

Unlike some festivals the children’s activities are included in your ticket price so you don’t need to worry about how many workshops or craft events they want to attend, which is a huge relief.


What does Cornbury Music Festival 2020 have in store?





Van Morrison




Jack Savoretti

The Waterboys

Kid Creole


To be revealed soon….


Cornbury Music Festival runs from 10-12 July 2020 at Great Tew Park, near Chipping
Norton, Oxfordshire. For tickets and more information go to

Day Tickets from £85, Weekend Tickets from £180, Weekend with Camping Tickets from £215. Teen & Child Concessions available. Under 3s FREE.

If you like the idea of a family festival but want to start day time only festivals then check out our reviews of the BBC summer festival in Liverpool and Cheshire Fest near Manchester.

(We are being gifted tickets to Cornbury Music Festival in exchange for this post and a full review after the event.)

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