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Top 4 Aquariums In Australia

aquariums in Australia

Home to the renowned Great Barrier Reef, Australia undoubtedly is a place to visit if you are keen to explore an array of exotic creatures from under the sea! A wonderful way to meet these creatures up close and learn fascinating facts about them, is visiting one of the country’s top aquariums. Here are some of the top aquariums in Australia,


Seahorse world 


Do you know much about seahorses? At Seahorse World, an aquarium which is committed to breeding and conserving these mystical creatures, you can learn all about seahorses through a 45 minute guided tour through the Cave, the Farm and the Southern Ocean Aquarium, where you can discover other marine species such as the tasmanian crab, sharks and cuttlefish. Given that seahorses are often overfished for medicine, Seahorse World’s work is integral to conserving the species by breeding and selling them solely to aquariums and pet wholesalers. Located on the island of Tasmania, Seahorse World is an interesting place to visit if you find yourself on the island!

Sea Life Sunshine Coast


Home to an impressive range of sea creatures, the Sea Life Sunshine Coast offers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy interactive experiences with Australia’s sea creatures! Meet blue penguins, sharks, seals, turtles, seahorses and many more interesting sea creatures up close! You can also enjoy a highly entertaining sea lion show with Teikyo the Australian Sea Lion, who is part of the Australian Sea Lion programme operating at the Sea Life Sunshine Coast. Take a break from the beach and try something different with Sea Life!


Cairns Aquarium 


Known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the Kuranda Rainforest, there is no doubt that Cairns is a popular tourist destination in Australia. If you find yourself on a rainy day in Cairns, then Cairns Aquarium is a fantastic place to experience over 16,000 species of wildlife from over 71 habitats and 10 ecosystems! Divided into different ‘habitats’, you can learn about species from all over Australia. Situated in the centre of Cairns, the aquarium is easy to reach by both car and public transport. 


The AQWA – the Aquarium of Western Australia


Whilst visiting the west coast of Australia, sea life lovers must visit the AQWA! The aquarium is renowned for its engaging and unique experiences and exhibitions, such as the glowing ocean exhibition, which allows you to discover the creatures that lie in the depths of Australia’s waters, and the Coral exhibit, which is one of the largest coral exhibits in the world! The AQWA is easy to reach from Perth, as it is located just outside in Hillary Boat Harbour. As one of the largest aquariums in Australia, the AQWA offers an action-packed, immersive experience!

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