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Nozstock, the family friendly festival

Last year we attended Nozstock, the hidden valley festival for the first time and had an absolute blast, (read our full review here) and we are already looking forward to going again this year. If you haven’t been before and are thinking of going as a family then here are just a few of the reasons why you most definitely should go ahead and book those tickets and don’t worry festivals don’t have to be as expensive as they sound.


Why is Nozstock a must for families that love festivals? 

Lots of festivals will claim to be family friendly but in reality all that means is that they will allow you take your children, it is up to you to ensure they are entertained, safe, and happy with no child friendly activities or provisions being made. However, when Nozstock claim they are a family friendly festival they really do mean it and here is why

1.They have a designated children’s area called Little Wonderland

Here you will find FREE activities that are specifically aimed at children of all ages including crafts, hands on activities and entertainment. You will also find child friendly circus and theater shows as well as the chance for your children to join in and learn new skills along the way.


2. Bottle warming service

Nozstock have thought of everything including a bottle warming service and baby changing facilities to further encourage not just families but young families too.

3.Family Camping

Nozstock offer a separate family camping area which is patrolled to ensure that only families with children camp in this area. This is sure to make you feel more at ease surrounded by fellow parents and is a quieter campsite located further away from the music to hopefully help the children get some much needed sleep after their busy day. This part of the campsite even have children only smaller toilettes which means no expecting toddlers to queue for ages to use the loo.

4. Family camping facilities

If you camp in the family zone you will also benefit from the onsite park that will keep the children entertained whilst you set up the tent or between festival trips, as well as near by food vendors and onsite showers. All the things that make camping as a family so much easier.

5. Safety measures

When I was researching which festivals we wanted to check out Nozstock really stood out to me as a festival that have thought of it all and this simple safety measure will be of great reassurance to most parents. Once you have unpacked you can head over to the lost Kids area where you child will be given a band to wear that has your number on it. Not only am I impressed with this measure but also the fact there is a designated lost kid area in the first place, hopefully no one will need it but it is handy to know where it is just in case.

6. Non stop fun

As well as Little Wonderland that is set up specifically for children there are of course other areas of the festival where you can explore as a family with some of the highlights being

The Garden Stage, which hosts an array of eclectic bounce-inducing artists.

The Orchard boasts the headline names and the cream of the upcoming crop,

The Bandstand brings forth bands from indie-pop, alt/punk to folk-rock.


Arts workshops,

Spoken word,

Games and after-dark,

Experimental cabaret,

Late-night disco 


Of course knowing that Nozstock is a family friendly festival is really important but so is knowing what else is going on for the adults too.  This year the theme, Into the great unknown, sounds great as it covers everything from the dawn of time to futuristic imaginings so you can really get creative with costume ideas if you want to. For me I can not wait to see what they do with the place as last years wizard of Noz theme was incredible.


As well as an awesome theme there is also a fantastic line up



Nozstock: the Hidden Valley ticks all the boxes for being a fabulous family festival and we simply can not wait for our next visit this year.  If you fancy joining us between 23rd and 26th July then grab your tickets now and we will see you there, hopefully dancing in the sunshine.


Edit  – You can now read our review of Nozstock 2019 if you want to know what we thought.

If you like the idea of a family festival but want to start day time only festivals then check out our reviews of the BBC summer festival in Liverpool and Cheshire Fest near Manchester.

(We are being gifted tickets to Nozstock in exchange for a review after the event, so keep your eyes peeled).


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