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How to Find a Holiday Destination that All the Family Enjoys

holiday destination

Planning a getaway is always an exciting task. There’s a world of options; the only trouble is trying to identify the perfect holiday destination for every member of the family.

With that in mind, here’s how to locate the ideal destination for you, your partner, and your kids.

Finding the perfect place for a family holiday

· Work out everyone’s priorities

Figuring out what everyone most wants to do is a good place to start. For example, if your daughter’s a train enthusiast, you might want to consider locations with old stream train services still running. If your partner loves hiking, look for places with a few nice walking trails. And don’t forget your own needs – this is your holiday too!

· Travel times.

Be realistic about how long your kids can bear being in the car or on the plane for. There are plenty of activities you can give them to keep them amused, but ultimately, every child has a limit – especially if they’re very young. If you know they’ll start getting frustrated after four hours maximum, perhaps save the long-haul flights for another year.

holiday destination

· What sort of climate?

Some people need to feel the sun on their skins (after all, we don’t get much chance here in the UK!). For other families, this isn’t so much of a priority. In fact, some people (young kids especially) hate being too hot. Take this into consideration when you’re working out where to go.

· What budget?

Set a budget before you start seriously considering anywhere. However, remember to be open-minded. For example, you might not be able to afford that luxury villa in the south of France, but you might be able to afford a campsite in the same area.

· What sort of location?

What works best for your family – somewhere bustling and lively, with plenty of activities nearby? Or somewhere remote and peaceful, where you can all lose yourselves in nature? Be totally honest about what suits you best; there’s no point arriving at a noisy holiday park, only to hate it the whole time because it’s too loud!

· What style?

Are you all happy to rough it for a week? If so, camping might be the perfect choice, and it’s cheap too, which is an added bonus. Alternatively, you might prefer to go out every night; to dress up, get your partner to splash on some cologne (Aventus Creed review sites suggest this is the ultimate fragrance for holidays), and enjoy cocktails in a fancy bar. Again – be honest about what sort of holiday appeals to you most.

· Alone or with others?

Going on holiday with friends or family is a great way to spread the costs, and get better accommodation for your money, as villas normally work out cheaper per person, when more people are staying in them. However, these sorts of holiday set-ups can get stressful. Do your kids get on with theirs, for example? Do you like them well enough to spend that long with them? Ask yourself these important questions before you commit to any particular holiday destination.

holiday destination

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