A hidden gem in Menorca

This time last year my family and I were on holiday in Menorca. It was our first time visiting the island and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Menorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands near the Mediterranean sea but unlike the neighboring islands of Ibiza and Majorca it is a little quieter which is why we chose it as our destination whilst travelling with young children.

We decided to stay in an all inclusive holiday complex but instead of choosing a hotel we chose to stay in a complex that offered apartments as we find the extra room is so important when taking the boys with us. It means that they have space to just relax, play with toys and unwind out of the sun without us all being cramped in one room. It’s also great for when they fall asleep and we want to stay up a little longer and can relax in the lounge instead of perching on the end of a bed with the lights out praying we don’t wake them up by talking to loudly.


The complex we picked was in a small village in Menorca called Santa Tomas, which is  on the South coast of the island. Despite the complex being brilliant and having everything we needed on site we still liked leaving the complex and exploring the local area and seeing what was going on. We found out that this little village is beautiful, a hidden gem if you will. With only a handful of hotels in the area and a few villas it is certainly less touristy than other places we have visited and as a result more natural, laid back and picturesque. The beaches are only a 2 minute walk from where we were staying and we embarked on a coastal walk with the boys one day which although a little challenging in parts for them it was absolutely worth the views when we reached the top. We managed to walk all the way to a nearby town and although still lovely the contrast between this and Santa Tomas were vast and reiterated what a wonderful idyllic location we had found.


Santa Tomas was not only beautiful by day but also became the back drop for some of the most magnificent sun sets we had ever seen, which made for some beautiful photographs. Even the boys were eager to join us on our evening strolls down the promenade or across the beach to jump waves as the sun set, casting glorious colours across the sea.  As it was such a quiet, small village there was never more than a handful of people dotted about at any one time making it feel even more special and safe to be out after dark.

Everybody loves holidays for different reasons, some like to party, others like adventure but for us it’s all about the quality family time, the ability to switch off and unwind and take in the peace and tranquility when ever possible, so for us Santa Tomas in Menorca was more than we could have imagined and is definitely a hidden Gem that is well worth a visit, even just for a day if you prefer to stay somewhere more lively.

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(This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Gems).

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