The Camping Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Over the last 4 years my family and I have started going camping and now we enjoy at least one trip each year where we try and leave the technology behind and just enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air and being together. This usually translates as making the kids go for walks in the rain and then refereeing the fights in the tent but for whatever reason we all enjoy ourselves and look forward to the next trip. We have even started going to festivals where we camp for the weekend too, like Nozstock and Cornbury and I am even eyeing up some caravan and motorhome club stays for later in the year when the weather isn’t as good.

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Each year we update our camping kit with some new camping essentials and have discovered some amazing products along the way. The obvious camping essentials are covered loads in articles online but the below list is a list of the things we believe to now be camping essentials that we didn’t know we needed but now wouldn’t be without.

So if you are a keen camper or are looking at starting and want to know our camping essentials then here it is

Camping essentials

Tent and Cover wash

This product is fab for those that camp in England because lets face it you can never rely on the British weather. Or rather you can rely on it, rely on it raining the minute you pitch that tent. So chances are your tent will be muddy and dirty in no time, especially if the birds decide to leave you a gift or two on top as well.

This wash by Storm is specially formulated for tents and aids the removal of dirt, tree sap and bird lime meaning your tent will look fresh and new each time you use it. There is nothing worse than pitching your tent for the first time in the new year and realising that there are marks all over it. Or, putting your tent away and trying to clean it with baby wipes or loo roll knowing you will need to re do it at some point and will probably forget. Take a bottle of this with you and give your tent a quick clean before you dismantle it.

camping essentials

Storm Proof

Storm also do a proof product that is created to restore the water repellency of materials, rejuvenating your camping equipment and promoting its longevity. This product can add years onto the usability of your tents, awnings, covers and flysheets because if the waterproof ability of your tent runs out so does your desire to camp in England.

Grangers Odour Eliminator

Grangers odour eliminator is brilliant for your camping equipment and clothes, especially your shoes. And, if like us, you take the bikes camping with you then the helmets too. As I said we spend a lot of time out walking and cycling when we go camping and this can often leave us either sweaty or damp from the usual mid walk down pour so this little bottle helps to keep all our stuff smelling fresh which is a god send when you don’t have access to a washing machine. You can grab a bottle of this for less than £5 and it’s only a small bottle so doesn’t take up much room but is definitely a camping essential.

Grangers Active Wash

Now this next product isn’t necessarily a camping essential that you would take with you but I do love to know that I am coming home to it as it is an active wash that  is specifically formulated to wash active wear, including materials such as Lycra. It will eliminate not only stubborn dirt but also the sweat odours and is perfect for the post camping mass wash that is always required and never desired.

camping essentials

Most of the camping essentials so far have been about keeping your camping equipment fresh and clean and making it last as long as possible to help you get your moneys worth. This next item, however, is more for you whilst you are camping than for your kit.

Swish to go teeth cleaners 

These are great and top of my list for unexpected camping essentials. Having these with you means you can clean your teeth and freshen your breath on the go. They are especially useful when camping on large site or at festivals when you are miles from the toilette facilities or they are simply just too crowded. These are also amazing if you are camping as a single adult with children because it means you can clean your teeth before bed after the children are asleep without having to worry about leaving them in the tent. These should definitely be in everyone’s festival and camping bags, in fact they should just be in everyone’s bag full stop, you never know when you might need to freshen up and it beats carrying your tooth brush round with you.

camping essentials

They are available in three flavours there is one for everybody: fresh mint, cool mint or lemon zest.

If you are planning on going camping at a festival then check out our more specific list of festival camping essentials that will help make sure you have the best time and don’t spend more money than you need to when you’re there. 

Now you know what to pack be sure to follow our guide on how to pack for your camping adventure so that it all fits nicely in your bags.