Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

When a child has learnt the necessary skills to successfully perform a beautiful piece of a music, parents feel a warm sense of pride. However, as research has found, learning an instrument, and investing in a musical education provides more benefits than just the ability to entertain an audience.

The Director of Music at an independent school in Surrey is of the opinion that “Children who play an instrument or sing as part of an ensemble or orchestra are required to work as part of a team”. In other words, not only are they sharpening their musical abilities, but they are also further enhancing their ability to perform in harmony with their peers. What’s more, another advantage of belonging to some sort of team is the chance it brings to meet likeminded people who share comparable interests. Consequently, new friendships can be established, sometimes with individuals with whom a child wouldn’t naturally choose to socialise with in other circumstances.


Music lessons are typically a one-to-one basis occurrence, meaning a music student is given an opportunity to learn how to communicate and connect with adults. However, learning an instrument isn’t just for developing social skills; other important skills are developed, which are proven to influence a child’s academic performance, as well as their personal endeavours. Success as a musician also requires good organisational skills and self-discipline, which can then be applied to other aspects of a child’s academic career. What’s more, many studies have also concluded that musical training can be connected with enhanced brain function and, as a result, better academic performance.

The emotional wellbeing of today’s generation of young people is a public priority and, as such, the considerable curative benefits of music must not go unrecognised. Learning an instrument and engaging in other musical activities gives children a chance to take a break from the pressures of everyday life, because they are able to focus their energy into something completely unique to the rest of their life. To conclude, parents should certainly consider encouraging their child to learn an instrument.