Why Cornbury Music Festival is perfect for families

Last month we took the boys to their first ever music festival, Cheshire Fest, for a one day event and we really enjoyed ourselves. So much so that we have decided that this year we are going to check out some more festivals and even try our hand at full weekend festivals complete with camping, the first one being Cornbury Music Festival from the 5th to the 7th of July.


Before committing to any festivals we needed to do some research to make sure they would be suitable for the whole family


Why is Cornbury Music Festival perfect for families?


1.The Quote

Well first and foremost when you check out the website there is a quote from Hugh Phillimore, the Founder of the festival that states

“Children are at the centre of this festival”

which literally made me feel relieved, excited and reassured all at the same time.

2. It is held in early July

The fact that this festival is in early July (5th-7th) means that is is likely to be a bit cooler than those in August. Although we are, of course, aware that the British weather could decide to do anything from present us with flash floods to treat us to a heat wave so we will just wait and see.

3. The children have a whole theme for their activities

This year the theme is the greatest show on earth which has a strong underpinning circus element to everything that is being put on for them.

4. There is a designated area for the children

A whole area, a theme and specific activities for children means that there will most certainly be more children there than just ours which in turn means we can relax a little and let them enjoy their festival experience without worrying about what they may see or hear if at a predominantly adult festival. It also means they are likely to make new friends which will only add to their festival experience.

5. The focus is not just music but also art and drama

This is great as there is so much for the kids to get involved with and try their hand at that they might not normally and enough different activities to keep them busy whether you choose to stay for one day or all three.

6. They even cater for the really young festival goers

If you are taking tiny tots with you then you can take them to check out the

  • Nursery Rhymes and Songs
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Face Painting sections

7. Activities are free

Unlike some festivals the children’s activities are included in your ticket price so you don’t need to worry about how many workshops or craft events they want to attend, which is a huge relief.

As well as checking out the website for our research we also spoke to some families who have been to Cornbury Music Festival themselves to see if it really is as good as the website makes out and it was a unanimous YES, and here is why.

Emma from Bubba Blue and Me said “We love it for the space and options for activities and music. There’s plenty of areas to go to get away from the busy-ness if needed, and everyone seems welcoming to children, whether it’s the activities, stalks, street food or the music areas”


cornbury music festival


Gail from Yammy Mommy said “It’s amazing 😊 such a great day out for families. Loads of great bands, comedy tent, tent with stories and entertainment for young people. Loved every minute!”

As well as online research and speaking to people we also read a few reviews and this one hosted on Mini travellers really sold it to us.


If, like us, you have been searching for the perfect family festival then I really hope that this article has helped you to see what we saw and that you too will be joining us in July for what sounds like a fantastic weekend for the whole family but just in case you’re not already completely sold on the idea then let me just tell you what music will be there to as after all this is music festival.














It really is a festival not to be missed.

Cornbury Music Festival runs from 5-7 July at Great Tew Park, near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. For tickets and more information go to www.cornburyfestival.com

Day Tickets from £75, Weekend Tickets from £180, Weekend with Camping Tickets from £215. Senior, Teen & Child Concessions available. Under 3s FREE.


(We are being gifted tickets to Cornbury Music Festival in exchange for this post and a full review after the event.)

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