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The perfect maternity leggings by Love Leggings

love leggings

I am currently 5 and a half months pregnant with my third baby and from about 3 months pregnant my clothes have felt uncomfortable and tight, especially my jeans and trousers. This wasn’t the case with the first two and it took me by surprise as I hadn’t considered moving into maternity clothing so early but I guess every pregnancy is different.


The very first piece of maternity clothing I wore this time round was a pair of black maternity leggings from Love Leggings. Now on the whole I am not a massive leggings fan, so wasn’t sure how I would feel in a pair the bigger I got but these have been brilliant. I played it safe when placing my order and went with a pair of ankle length black leggings and have worn them both around the house with T shits and jumpers and with my dresses for work as they are so much comfier than tights.  If however you are more daring them me then you can choose from a whole host of glorious colours including red, white and blue, which will surely brighten up your wardrobe a bit.

true blue full length maternity leggings 1

When my love leggings arrived I  was surprised by the quality as I had been a bit worried they would be see through, or at least they would start to go see through the bigger I got, but I can honestly say that they are so thick that there is no worry of them exposing your underwear at all. They have grown with me over the last 2 months and are just as comfy now as they were in the early days and I still feel they have plenty of room in them to continue to fit comfortably as my bump continues to grow.


At only £14.50 the love leggings are a real bargain as for me they have become a staple for my wardrobe and I am already planning on ordering a couple of the shorter pairs for the warmer months.


I haven’t had much luck with maternity wear so far and have returned numerous items and am opting for my normal clothes in larger sizes instead, so to find something that is not only good quality and comfy but also offers support to the bump is a god send and I will be recommending the maternity leggings by Love leggings to any one and everyone who is pregnant or planning on having a baby soon.

love leggings

(I was sent a pair of these leggings in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own).

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