The nursery makeover with Valspar paint


When we were pregnant with our third baby we made the decision to keep the gender a surprise, although secretly I was convinced we were having a girl, which meant when it came to decorating the nursery we needed to opt for neutral colours. Having once been the tiddlers nursery it was already painted baby blue and white, not very neutral and a tad out dated having not been re decorated for 5 years so I turned to pintrest for ideas.

The one colour that kept jumping out at me was grey, a colour I had never before considered for a nursery yet seemed to work in all these pictures and so we finally decided to opt for different shades of grey and silvers with the idea that we could add additional colours after the birth to make it more personalised if we wished.


Having worked with Valspar before we knew that their paint was a brilliant quality and were delighted to hear they wanted to work with us again on this makeover. Now to some people paint is just paint and I would have been one of these people a few years ago but since buying this house and having to decorate so many rooms I have learnt a lot about paint and seen a noticeable difference between the brands that we have used.

These are the reasons why I love the Valspar paints 

1. There are loads of colours to choose from BUT if you still cant find the exact shade you want they will colour match for you. Simply give them a copy of the colour you want, whether this on a piece of paper, clothing or wallpaper sample and they will make an exact copy of that colour in paint form for you.

2.  They will do this there and then for you. You don’t have to order it in advance or wait ages for it.

3. The paint is easy to use and you only need one or two coats depending on the quality of your walls and what you are painting over.

4. The finish is brilliant

5. It’s long lasting. The big’uns room still looks great two years later.

6. It’s available in B & Q so easy to get hold of for most people.


So bearing all this in mind we headed to B & Q to choose our grey paints but true to form I changed my mind mid shop. I spotted the cutest fox wall paper and decided that I now wanted to wallpaper one wall and paint the others in a similar shade of grey.



We also chose to use the Valspar wood and metal paint for the skirting boards and window sill. We hadn’t used the this before but were just as impressed with this as we were the wall paint and would definitely opt for it again.


After a couple of days of hard graft from the husband as bump and I project managed (read, bossed him about) our nursery was finished and I am so thrilled with the finished result and so is our daughter….



We have furnished the nursery with the grey cot bed from Mokee with an underneath draw which is perfect for giving us extra storage in a small space. I can’t wait for her to be able to use her room but until then she will sleep in our room in her wool nest and we will just admire her room in the day.




(We were gifted the paint from Valspar in exchange for an honest review).

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