How your office chair compares to a celebrity look

Oh yes, you read that title correctly, people are now comparing their office chair choices to the looks of celebrities with each style revealing a little bit about yourself.


The only question now is

What does your office chair say about your style?


Well according to there are 7 main looks to consider from the Mesh look to the Neutral  and although at first glance I thought this was a slightly odd comparison to make, surely we just pick a chair and sit on it, I realised that just like in fashion I do indeed have a type or a style.



On further investigation of this information and the comparisons being made I can actually relate to some of the styles on their and what they represent in terms of personality and clothing selections, for example, you would never see me buying the wooden conference chair it looks far to uncomfortable for someone who sits in it for 6 hours straight each day and reminds me too much of my school days. Similarly you would never see me wearing anything with a fringe or tassels or rocking the boho look, which is exactly the style choices that have been teamed with the conference chair.


However, my go to chair of choice would absolutely be the Clayton cream leather faced visitor chair and funnily enough I would be more than happy in an outfit that includes neutral colours on the top half, such as over sized shirts and simple blouses paired with dark bottoms or a skirt in a more natural way that tries not to draw attention to me, so maybe there is more to this than I originally thought.

Using the pictures above I would love to know what your office chair says about you so please do let me know in the comments below and if of course you want to check out any of these chairs in more detail or fancy re styling your office to be more inline with your inner celebrity style then head over to the furniture work website.


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