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Hotter shoe review

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to win a pair of shoes from Hotter, a Great British shoe designing company with an online service as well as stores across the country. The best thing about Hotter shoes is that they are designed with both comfort and style in mind, which is so important for foot health and fashion. They also cater for both wide and narrow feet making it easier than ever to find your perfect pair for every occasion.

With such a good selection of shoes available and such a fantastic repetition for their contribution to comfortable footwear I was thrilled to find out I had won a pair of their shoes as since the moment I discovered them at Blogon I have been checking out their online store and adding their summer selection to my holiday must have lists and eyeing up a pair for my nana who struggles to find comfortable shoes for her walks along the coast. I also knew that if the quality of their shoes was as good as the scarf I have from them then we would most definitely be in for a treat.

The pair I won are called  Gravity and came in a rose gold colour, perfect for the summer months that are heading our way and I knew my nana would love them. The Gravity shoes are designed to feel as light as air with perforated uppers made from shiny metallic leather. As comfort is just as important as fashion to Hotter, they have added in a padded collar, tongue and cushioned insole to make sure that your feet are happy and you are free to enjoy long walks in the sunshine without fear of aching feet or bothersome blisters.

The slightly higher heel height of 1 and 1/4 inches is also great for people who suffer from sole or heel pain as it offers a little more support than the average active footwear and was one of the things that my nana commented on as soon as I gave her them.

I really like the rose gold metallic look but if this colour isn’t for you then don’t worry as you can choose from a selection of other colours including, blue river, pebble grey, spice or white and are priced at a very reasonable ¬£75.


Have a look through their online catalogue and let me know your favourites.

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