Have you tried the new flavoured gins at Aldi?

flavoured gins by aldi

It seems to me that alcoholic drinks have seasons a bit like fashions, with trends that people follow and then unfollow in quick succession. Looking back the first trend I can remember was the flavoured vodkas when I was in my late teens early twenties, although there wasn’t that much choice back then so we would often make our own using skittles if we couldn’t find a flavour we liked. Then in my late twenties it seemed to be all about the flavoured ciders, strawberry and lime being a firm favourite of mine and now as I enter my thirties I seem to be drinking Gin at every appropriate opportunity and I am loving the vast choice in flavours.


When I first started dabbling in the flavoured gins there was only a few to choose from, rhubarb and ginger being the most popular if you were willing to order online and wait for delivery and cucumber if you were in need of an off the shelf supermarket purchase but now the choice is endless. With the demand for variety in flavoured gins increasing, brands are cashing in on it and creating a whole host of flavours for us to try and although some of these are still topping the charts for expensive there are some more affordable ones that are giving the big brands a run for their money.


This week I have been sampling two new flavoured gins from Aldi as they run their gin festival. It’s a ridiculously hard job but someone’s got to do it!


I have been testing the Passion fruit gin liquor which is refreshing and delicious. It is 20% vol and costs £9.99 a bottle. You can drink this with tonic as a stand alone drink or add it to another gin and tonic to add flavour, or even to prosecco to create a lovely summer cocktail. For me this is the perfect summer gin, especially if you want to avoid a hangover the next day due to its lower alcoholic volume compared to straight gins.

flavoured gins by aldi

The second one I have tested is the Becketts Dry Gin infused with Juniper. This one is 40% volume and costs £24.99 for a 70cl bottle. It was lovely served over ice with slim line tonic and fresh blueberries and can definitely give some of the big brand names a run for their money at a fraction of the price.

flavoured gins by aldi

There are two other flavoured gins from Aldi that I have my eye on and both are Botanical project Gins. The first is Blueberry and vanilla which is going to have to be purchased this weekend I think and the second is the chilli and ginger, it just sounds so different that I absolutely have got to try it, especially as both of these are only £19.99.

flavoured gins at Aldi

If flavoured gins aren’t your thing then I would still head down to your nearest Aldi because in addition to these awesome flavoured gins they also have some new plane ones including a Colombo No.7 dry gin and a fifty eight traditionally distilled gin as well as an Irish Gin and a pink one too.


With all these new flavoured gins by Aldi being priced at under £25 there really is no excuse not to get on bored with the gin trend this season.


See you down the gin isle!


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