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The best and worst Funkin Cocktail Mixers


What are Funkin Cocktails?

For those that don’t already know Funkin cocktails are pre maid mixers or alcoholic cocktails. Thy come ready to drink and brilliant for on the go partying like BBQ’s or festivals and to have in if you just want one or two cocktails at home and don’t want to buy all the individual ingredients.

Funkin cocktails pride themselves on being the ultimate cocktail mix as they use 100% fresh fruit juice and are a healthier alternative to other cocktails. In the past I have always used a variety of fruit juices and cocktail recipe books to make my cocktails but by having these readymade mixers it makes life a lot easier and so much quicker, leaving more time for drinking and dancing.

How do you test the Funkin Cocktails?

In order to be able to tell you which Funkin cocktails are the best (and the worst) it seems only fair to really put them through their paces and the best way to do that is to throw a party, so that’s what I did.

I enlisted the help of one of my best friends and persuaded her to lend me her new gorgeous kitchen for the big review, then we invited some of our friends over and started mixing up cocktails like pros (after watching the Funkin cocktails master classes on U tube, of course).



Overall thoughts of the Funkin Cocktail brand

We were sent the mixers for review which meant all we needed to do was follow 3 easy steps

Ice in, spirit in, funkin. The 10 second cocktail!

Obviously, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous like we were, you can watch the master classes on U tube for tips and set fire to orange peels or add fresh fruit but if you want simple and easy these Funkin cocktail mixers are exactly what you need.

As well as being quick, easy and healthier, they also tasted great and were really full of flavours. Personally my favourite was the Brazilian, a passion fruit based cocktail that I hadn’t had before but absolutely loved. Strangely this cocktail got mixed review and seemed to be the marmite of the group, it was either loved or hated, resulting in it coming in third place on the score board.

Usually I am a rum drinker and my go to cocktail is a mojito. I was a bit dubious about trying this one as I really didn’t know if it would live up to those made in the bars. I needn’t have worried as it was lovely and tasted very fresh. Although I will point out that we added fresh mint to this one and I would advise that you do too if you love a true mojito.


The best and worst Funkin cocktails 

I asked the ladies at the party to score each Funkin Cocktail out of 10 on taste and here are our results

1st Cosmopolitan BEST 

2nd Daiquiri

3rd Brazilian (my personal favourite)

4th WooWoo

5th Mojito

6th Bellini WORST 

Unfortunately the lowest scoring cocktail of the night was the Bellini. This was one of the easiest to make as you needed nothing more than the mix and sparkling wine. I do however think that this one would taste different depending on the wine you choose and I would try it again using a different brand to see if it is any better. One of the ladies compared it to a bucks fizz drink and suggested she would serve this as opposed to bucks fizz for those celebratory low alcoholic moments, great idea.


I have never used, or even considered using, pre mixed cocktails before but I would certainly use them now, in fact we are planning on throwing another party soon and Funkin Cocktails will be top of our shopping list.



If you aren’t a cocktail lover then perhaps you would prefer to read our reviews of summer wines or aldi gins instead.

(the opinions expressed belong to a group of friends, the products were supplied by Funkin)


  1. These sort of ‘premade’ drinks are all the rage at the moment in supermarkets. I think it’s great they have transcended to cocktails now. Will definitely be looking for these next time I am in Asda 😉

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