Everything you need to know about the Ultimate Time Together Smart Box from Buyagift

ultimate time togther

Sometimes it can be really hard to know what to buy someone, especially if they seem like the sort of person who either has everything already or wants for nothing materialistic. As many of my regular readers will know, this is where I always try and opt for personalised keepsake type gifts or experiences and today I want to share with you everything you need to know about the Ultimate Time Together Smart box from Buyagift, an experience voucher based solely on our recent experience of using one.


A couple of weeks ago I was gifted the Ultimate Time Together Smart Box from Buyagift in exchange for an honest review of how we find it, and last weekend we managed to get a weekend free from the boys and indulged ourselves, here is how we found using the voucher.


What is the presentation of the Smart box like?  

The first thing to point out is that these vouchers arrive in a presentation box which looks an awful lot better than a slip of paper for a voucher. It means you can wrap the box as a gift and not just look like you have got them a card. The added bonus is it also comes with a booklet that outlines exactly what the voucher can be used for and how to use it, so the recipient immediately knows what it is you have gifted them.

ultimate time togther

What can use the Ultimate Time Together smart box voucher on?

The Ultimate Time Together voucher can used by two people on days out, nights away, and experiences and some of the nights away are for 2 nights not just one. There are 995 places to choose from across the whole country  as well as some places abroad too. This voucher really does offer something for everyone from romantic breaks, to cookery lessons, from jet skiing to high ropes and so much more. It doesn’t mater whether they are an adrenaline junkie or a more reserved character they are sure to find something wonderful to do with their other half with this voucher.

Ultimate Time Together - Smartbox by Buyagift

How fast do you need to use the voucher?

The voucher lasts an incredible 2 years and if for some reason the recipient can’t find an activity they want from the 995 available options they can exchange it for a different box of the same value.


How easy is it to book an experience?

We booked our experience one week in advance and had no trouble at all. We simply found where we wanted to go from the online directory and rang them directly, quoting the voucher number, and they booked us straight in, it was quick easy and very simple. Obviously some experiences may differ and may have waiting lists but our experience was one of great ease and the establishment where not fazed by us using the voucher at all.


Is the Ultimate Time Together smart box good value for money?

The Ultimate Time Together smart box is priced at £129.99 but remember this is for 2 people so effectively you are looking at a cost of £65 per person, which is a much more acceptable gift price.  Of course I would always recommend you check out the website for where you want to use your voucher and look at their price list first as all of the experiences will differ and you might find you can get it cheaper booking direct, however, for us we booked a Saturday night stay in a country hotel with a three course evening meal and breakfast the next morning which was most definitely worth £129 and would have cost more had we booked direct, so based on our experience I would say it is worth the money.


Would you recommend it?

Without a doubt I would highly recommend the the Ultimate Time Together smart box from Buyagift as a gift for either another couple or for your partner for you to use together, whether it’s for a big birthday celebration, Christmas or even Valentines day I think these vouchers offer everything you could want at a really good price.


(We were gifted one of these boxes to use as we wished in exchange for an honest review of our experience).


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