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Everything you need when setting up your home office

I’ve had a home office for years, it started as a study when I was a student and I would use it when I couldn’t be bothered to go to the library and then it became an office when I was a teacher and I would spend most evenings and weekends in there marking but since January when I went self employed full time my office has become the place I spend most of my time. As a self confessed stationery geek I love my office to have everything I need and a few girlie extras that make my working day more organised and more fun, so I thought I would put together a list of everything I think you need  to create the perfect home office.

LED desk light 

When working from home I often find that as well as putting in a few hours in the day when the kids are asleep I also put in some in the evenings once they have gone to bed and if you think your office will also be used in the evening then consider getting an LED desk lamp. It is much nicer to work under than the glaring over head lights.

Metallic pens

Like I said I am a self confessed stationery geek and I have numerous coloured pens, gel pens and highlighters in my office. I also have certain coloured pens for certain tasks or books, it might make me sound a tad crazy but I find it keeps me organised and the colour coding makes it easier for me to keep track of what I’m doing.  I also find that when I’m using different colours I write neater which is always a bonus when I’m trying to find notes from three months ago.



Combination colourboard and magnetic whiteboard

I have three boards in my office. Yep three different boards for three different reasons and I love them, they make it easy for me to see key information, make important notes from phone calls that I wont loose on scraps of paper or pin invoices and tickets to.  If you don’t have the room in your office for different boards then I would recommend this half and half, it really is the best solution ever! It literally meets all your needs but requires a fraction of the space, so you don’t have to decide between a coloured board and white board anymore.




Variety pack of sticky labels

Sticky labels are a must have for all offices but I find that the big ones aren’t always what I need so this pack which contains a selection of sizes is perfect. The leather presentation box also keeps it nice and neat.


Mini pastel stationery set

When I started working from home I realised that I couldn’t just borrow a stapler from someone else’s desk or pinch a few paper clips from the pot on the shelf any more so a stationery starter kit is a great idea, with mini versions of all the essentials. Personally I love the pastel colours as they go with my baby pink office but you can get these in a variety of colours including black if that’s more your office style.


So if you are thinking of creating a home office make sure you have stocked up on all the necessities  first otherwise you will be chasing your tail and loosing important bits of paper every other day, or maybe that was just me!




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  1. Oooooo I love the half and half board! I love a whiteboard, its so good to get the ideas out of your head and just jot them down. Great post. I want to buy it all now haha

  2. My home office is a mess (I’m sitting in it right now). That whiteboard is a good idea, the pin side would certainly help keep things a little more organised!

    • Thanks for commenting, my office often gets messy and then i can’t think so waste a day tidying up again. The boards help me keep the small important notes, receipts and event tickets safe so i don’t loose them in the mess.

  3. Half and half boards AND metallic pens all in one post? Stationary geeks dream! We’re just doing our office up and am seriously going to consider a couple of those boards. Thanks for sharing x

    • Wow you sound busy. Yeah these would be great for home ed too

  4. They are ace aren’t they, especially if you are short on space in the office.

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