How to keep bridal makeup looking great all day

Now you have got engaged  and decided on when the wedding will be, or at least picked a season if not a date, it is time to talk wedding hair and bridal make up.

How to keep bridal make up looking great all day

On your wedding day you certainly want to look your very best – no panda eyes, shiny nose or smeared lips. Keeping make-up in tip-top condition for the whole of the day and into the evening can be challenging. Fortunately help is at hand with these following tips on how to keep bridal make-up looking great all day.



It is important to remember that wedding make-up isn’t the same as every day make-up. It has to last all day and look stunning outside and indoors. Therefore, it is probably best to arrange a tutorial at a make-up counter around three weeks before the wedding.

If you’re going to use a fake tan have a trial run before you do the make-up trial.

Wear a white T-shirt for the make-up trial and take a picture of the look in daylight. Bridal make-up needs to compensate for the whiteness of the dress.

Your Look

When choosing your make-up look it is essential that it goes with your choice of dress. It also needs to work with your hairstyle.

Probably the best bridal make-up is simply the most beautifully polished version of how you usually look. Try to refrain from the tendency to trowel it on as this may result in make-up becoming smeared later on in the day.


Be careful what moisturiser you use and be careful around the eyes. A primer is essential as it will help keep your make-up looking perfect for longer, as well as smoothing out the skin.

Face and Neck

This is the most important aspect of your wedding day make-up. You need the right colour and correct formulation. Afterwards apply concealer. Then the powder, but carefully – you don’t want your face to look dry and cracked.

Extend down your neck and over your shoulders, if necessary, so your face is not a different colour and texture to your body.

Avoid high SPF foundations – they have an ingredient called Titanium Dioxide, which reacts to the flash of a camera and will make you look pale.


Few brides get through the day without some tears, therefore, you need to buy waterproof eye make-up – not just mascara but eyeliner and eyeshadow too.

Don’t go too dark on eyes. Define your eyes by applying colour in the crease but avoid a shade that is too dense. Using fake eyelashes can be a good way to ensure you maintain a stunning look all day long. Opting for individual eyelashes that are of differing lengths will create a natural, fluttery look.

If your eyes look tired or red at any point throughout the day, have some eye drops at the ready to freshen them up, but only a brand you’ve used before as you wouldn’t want to get a reaction to the drops on your big day!



Look for shades of lipstick that match your blush and complement your dress. Also opt for a lipstick that is long lasting, as you don’t want to spend a lot of the day reapplying.

All day perfection

Another great tip to keep your bridal make-up looking great all day is to have a pressed powder, cotton buds and gloss on standby. A quick application of pressed powder, wiping away any smudged eye make-up with a cotton bud and applying some gloss will go a long way in keeping you looking fresh and gorgeous right through to the last dance.


A Make-up Professional

If you’re not confident doing your own make-up on the big day you may want to consider hiring a make-up artist as they are well-practiced in applying make-up that is designed to last.

Whether you do-it-yourself or use a professional, make sure you have enough time, as you don’t want to rush this important element of your wedding look.

This blog post was written by Venus Bridal, bridal gown designers and manufacturers who provide timeless, glamorous and diverse wedding gowns to stockists throughout the whole of the UK. 

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